12 Steps To Automate Your Amazon Automation Business

Almost everyone dreams of building a six-figure business, but unfortunately, not all of them succeed due to lack of either time or knowledge, or both. Indeed, it isn’t easy to manage an online business on Amazon while handling other responsibilities, but it’s definitely doable, and we’re here to tell you how!

Amazon automation is the answer! That said, you’ll obviously need to invest some time and effort to set up an automated Amazon business, but it will serve you well in the long run.  

Top Reasons For Establishing Amazon Automation Business

Are you still skeptical about whether or not to automate your Amazon store or start a new automated Amazon store altogether? The following points will give you the much-needed clarity:

1. Saves Time

Like any other business, Amazon business needs proper management too. Various tasks will pull you in multiple directions. Automation goes a long way in freeing up your precious time. 

The automation system is efficient in handling almost every manual task. So, you can tend to other crucial matters that need your urgent attention, for example, in other businesses or to get additional skills. 

2. Passive Income Opportunity

Amazon automation generates sales with little to no effort from your end. You’ll earn a handsome amount of money by putting your business on autopilot. Enjoy your hobbies, visit friends or do anything you like with time on your hands.

3. Opportunity To Grow Your eCommerce Business 

Automation systems are efficient in taking care of daily tasks, allowing you to focus on growing your business. An automated business rakes in more sales, meaning more revenue, which is one of the most, if not the most, ingredients for success. 

Moreover, you will be able to build better customer relationships by putting your business on autopilot. Also, you will sleep easy knowing that you are equipped with all the necessary tools needed for growing your Amazon business. 

Steps To Automate Amazon Business 

Automating your Amazon business is straightforward, but it needs to be meticulously carried out. Follow the below-mentioned 12 steps diligently to get the desired results:

Step 1: Understand How Amazon Automation Works And Conduct Product Research

It is vital to list high-quality products for running a successful business on Amazon. You need to have all the important information about Amazon automation to make the system work for you efficiently. 

Conduct proper product research using product research tools. You can also check out podcasts, blogs, and webinars to zero in on products in high demand.

CAUTION: Avoid a lengthy research process, else things may get too confusing. 

Step 2: Look For Dedicated Product Suppliers

If you don’t want to be left behind in the race, connect with reliable suppliers who can provide high-quality products at fair prices. Finding the right supplier is a time-consuming task; hence be mentally prepared to invest the required time. That said, you can outsource the task to a professional if you are short on time.

Step 3: Optimize The Product List

Product listing is one of the most important selling components on Amazon as it decides the page rank and boosts organic sales. To get the best result of the sales process, you need to optimize the product list for images, title keywords, and pricing. 

However, this process can be tiring and frustrating when different elements don’t achieve the desired results. The best solution is to work with a listing optimization expert or use optimization tools so that the decisions can be data-based. 

Step 4: Keyword Research Automation 

Ensure you have the right set of keywords for your products as it affects the product rank on the search engines. Note that this isn’t something to experiment with. 

Use Amazon seller tools for automating keyword tracking and research activities. It will help you find out the right set of keywords in no time. Plus, the tools also contribute to higher organic sales.

Step 5: Photography For Listing Products 

The way you present your products goes a long way in influencing product sales. Showcase your products through high-quality pictures. Hire professional photographers to create your product listings. 

Remember, clicking photos from your phone will not be enough; it isn’t recommended either. It’s best to hire an expert photographer for the job. A professional knows how to capture the product’s best angles to create a sound impression before potential customers. 

Step 6: Management of Amazon Seller Account 

Monitoring customer feedback, removing negative reviews, dealing with customer support, and Amazon Seller Support requires a lot of energy and time. 

You can either outsource the work to an experienced professional or find a seller services agency for the job. This will save you a lot of time that you’d have otherwise spent dealing with repetitive tasks. 

Step 7: Automate Inventory Management

Look for reliable inventory management software to estimate the number of units that need to be ordered at any given point. This will save you from a situation where your products run out of stock, which may have not only resulted in a loss of sales but could have upset the customer as well. To avoid this unfortunate situation, use Amazon seller tools to ascertain the right time to place an order based on the current sales.

Step 8: PPC Marketing of The Products

PPC management software is efficient in adjusting bids according to the keywords. Pay Per Click marketing is one of the best ways of helping potential customers as it helps them discover the right set of products that suit their unique requirements. 

It is also one of the best solutions to increase your products and brand awareness. A well-planned and executed Amazon PPC campaign can increase sales to an unimaginable extent. We recommend connecting with an Amazon PPC specialist to get the best out of this marketing technique. 

Step 9: Launching The Products 

Whether you are looking to launch a new product or update your existing list of products on Amazon, ensure that it gets quick sales traction. A successful launch is a stressful and time-consuming process. 

So, you need to monitor the analytics carefully to ensure that the newly launched product/s is visible among potential customers. 

Step 10: Customer Service Management

Customer service plays a vital role in the success of an Amazon business. That said, you need not create a call center. You can simply implement a computerized system that answers the common queries of the customers. 

Alternatively, you can hire a professional to answer customer inquiries via chat, calls, or emails. Whatever be your preferred route, the idea is to make customers feel they are cared for.

Step 11: Keeping Track of The Finances 

Managing finances is the trickiest part of setting up and running an Amazon business. You should keep yourself updated on your finances (both expenses and revenue) as it will help you ascertain your profits accurately. 

You must maintain a proper record of the finances for future references. Moreover, it will also come in handy when filing taxes. 

You may not enjoy dealing with the numbers, especially when managing things on a spreadsheet. Automate the bookkeeping process to save yourself from this time-consuming and tedious task. 

Tools make things easier for business owners and update invoices periodically. Also, you get a real-time update of your finances, which contributes to your business’s growth and enables you to make better decisions based on the figures and analysis. 

Step 12: Automating The Payout Process

Quick earnings are perhaps why people start a business in the first place. Your Amazon business account can be up and running (even without automation) within a few days. You can also schedule a payment date without logging in and placing funds transfer requests manually. 

However, there will be several instances of discrepancy in your calculations and the available balance due to poor feedback, chargebacks, order delays, and other reasons. 

Automation allows you to stay stress-free and manage the payout process seamlessly. The best part is that you’ll have real-time access to your sales and revenue. Moreover, the balance will be credited to your account automatically. In other words, your business will have sufficient cash flow needed for smooth functioning.


Amazon store automation is a potent way to boost your online sales and revenue. Keep track of your profits and sales to determine whether the automation gives you the desired results. If the sales and revenue have increased drastically, Amazon’s automation is serving you well. If not, look for any glitches in the process. 

Almost every large business leverages automation for its Amazon store. The system is likely to benefit your business, given that the entire process is executed efficiently. Your product listings should feature more of those products with high demand in the market.  Also, your marketing campaign should be planned carefully. 

We hope the steps listed above have made it easier for you to set up your online business. Remember, you are free to customize the processes as per your convenience, profit margins, competition rate, and other factors. 

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