YouTube YTA Method: How Does It Work

YouTube is no longer a platform to simply showcase your creativity. This popular video streaming platform has turned into one of the most sought-after sites for generating passive income. Needless to say, using YouTube as a passive income platform is for those who cannot afford to work full-time on the channel. 

If you are looking for a way to get an automated YouTube channel that generates thousands of dollars in passive revenue, then make sure you know all about the YTA method. 

In this guide, we will help you understand how this method works and if it is at all worth it, so read until the end.

Why Should You Choose YouTube for Generating Passive Income?

With close to two billion active users and more than 2 billion dollars paid out in revenue to creators, YouTube is one of the most popular videos streaming platforms. 

YouTube also has its own AdSense program which you can combine with your own store or brand collaborations to scale your revenue.

The best part is, growing your channel on YouTube no longer requires hours of video creation and promotion. All that you need to do is learn to implement the YTA method.

What is the YTA Method?

The YTA method is an 8-week masterclass designed by an 18-year-old entrepreneur, social media influencer, and investor Caleb Maddix. This course is designed for aspiring YouTube creators aiming to generate a passive income without having to dedicate much time or effort to the channel.

The course covers the nitty-gritty of the YouTube algorithm and ad sense and teaches you to maximize your benefits from the channel. It also guides you in creating an automated YouTube channel with the potential to go viral, and that too, without you having to show your face.

The method uses a combination of automation tools and outsourcing to create content that can run without your supervision.

How Does the YTA Method Work

The YTA method is usually designed for faceless videos that do not showcase any particular creator. This includes channels on gaming guides, film reviews, fun facts or celebrity gossip, etc.

Here is a quick guide of how the YTA method works:

1. Select a Channel That Matches Your Goal

The first step is to identify a channel that you wish to replicate. This channel should have attention-grabbing videos with the potential to generate millions of views and thousands in revenue. Make sure you only copy their style and approach to content creation and not the whole theme.

2. Create a Similar Channel

Once you have a target set in mind, create a similar channel. Make sure your videos are relevant for a larger section of the audience regardless of geographical location, caste, sex, or religion to get better results. For the YTA method, stick to videos that are non-personal yet highly addictive.

3. Start Creating Content

This is where the automation part steps in. According to the course created by Caleb Maddix, you should source the content creation responsibility to a virtual team. You will easily find content creation services on Upwork, Fiverr, and the like. Automating this step is crucial if your sole purpose is to generate passive income from the channel.

4. Post Consistently

You cannot generate passive income overnight. So make sure you follow a strict and consistent posting schedule for your channel, keep a steady flow of content from your remote team, and follow all the tips and guidelines shared in the course to beat the YouTube algorithm. 

After all, since you are creating faceless videos, getting brand collaborations might be a little tricky. And if you want to generate substantial revenue, you need to focus on getting your videos more and more views. Your primary source of revenue here would be YouTube AdSense.

5. Rinse and Repeat

Once you get the hang of running a faceless YouTube channel with the help of a virtual team, use this experience to scale your channel or run multiple channels together to maximize your revenue. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of the YTA Method

Although the YTA method is undoubtedly beneficial for certain creators, it also comes with its own set of disadvantages. Here, we aim to compare both the pros and cons of using this automation method to help you make a sound choice.

Pros of Using the YTA Method

1. Constant Source of Passive Income

The biggest advantage of having an automated YouTube channel is generating constant passive revenue. Unlike brand collaboration that offers a one-time payment, YouTube AdSense will pay you as long as your videos keep getting views.

Hence, all that you need to focus on is creating addictive, evergreen videos that will remain relevant for years to come.

2. Earn Without Experience

Generally, when starting a YouTube channel, you need to be proficient in writing a script, shooting videos, and looking after the post-production process. Only a skilled creator with substantial experience can carry out all these responsibilities alone. 

And if you cannot make your video look professional enough, you won’t impact your audience. However, you do not have to worry about creating content with an automated YouTube channel. Just hire a qualified remote team and let them handle the creation process while you sit back and enjoy the revenues rolling in.

3. Earn Without Showing Your Face

A lot of people are not comfortable showing their faces on camera, especially if the content is available for millions to view. While some do it for privacy reasons, others do not enjoy having their face plastered all over a public space. 

Whatever your reason is, with an automated YouTube channel, you don’t have to worry about showing your face to generate viewership and revenue. All these videos are faceless yet highly likely to go viral.

Cons of Using the YTA Method

Consider the potential disadvantages of having an automated YouTube channel.

1. Expensive Method

If you are just starting your YouTube channel and are short on funds, you might not be able to afford this course which is priced at $997.

Also, once you are actually running an automated channel, you will have to hire a remote team for content creation and pay for automation tools to look after your channel promotion and other aspects of your content.

All this will amount to a substantial initial expense that a lot of beginners might not be able to afford.

2. No Scope of Branding

One of the reasons why many creators on YouTube prefer to show their faces on the videos is to create a personal brand. It makes your content stand out and helps you build a relationship with your audience even beyond YouTube.

However, under the YTA method, you are simply taking inspiration from an already popular channel and creating similar videos with the potential to go viral. Even if you generate viewership and revenue from this method, you will have a hard time building a personal brand out of it. 

3 Things to Consider Before Using the YTA Method in 2022

As per the revised policy of 2019, YouTube has banned automated videos and channels. However, there is still a way to generate passive income from a YouTube channel by modifying the YTA method slightly.

1. Create Quality Content

Most of the videos that were created under the YTA method were low in quality and immediately gave out that they were automated. This mainly includes text-to-video content made through automated video creation tools.

However, if you can outsource the responsibility of video creation to an experienced team and generate videos that meet YouTube’s quality benchmark, you are good to go. 

2. Diversifying Revenue Streams

The traditional YTA method only relied on YouTube AdSense for generating revenue. However, if you are already investing in creating quality content, you can also diversify your revenue streams by opting for brand collaborations or selling your own merchandise. 

Brightside is a great example here. This channel publishes faceless, animated videos that can be easily outsourced. They also sell their own merchandise and generate thousands in ad revenue. 

3. Make Sure You Have a Marketing Plan

The YTA method indeed helps you run an automated YouTube channel, but it’s no magic. In the initial stages, you have to invest and work really hard to promote the channel and gain a substantial viewership and subscriber base. 

While you can certainly outsource or automate the marketing process as well, again, that would be an expensive affair. Once you reach a fair number of subscribers, you can sit back and relax while your remote team generates and publishes content on your behalf.

Final Thoughts

Digital platforms like YouTube are a goldmine for any investor or creator looking to generate a full-time passive income. However, it takes a great deal of inside knowledge and experience to succeed on these highly competitive platforms. 

The YTA method is one of the most potent tools for success. That said, please don’t expect overnight success using this method. But with our recommended modifications and a little consistency, you can certainly create a stable passive income source from your YouTube channel in the long run!

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