YouTube Cash Cow Channels And YouTube Automation Methods

YouTube is an excellent video sharing and social media platform to share and express your skills, talent, thoughts, emotions, and views. Moreover, you can create an excellent source of passive income while making and sharing your videos on YouTube. All you have to do is create engaging and captivating videos.

Besides, many individuals create YouTube channels solely for earning and generating revenues from it. While it all sounds exhilarating, it is not an easy feat to achieve. You have to do exhausting tasks like curating video ideas, creating scripts, shooting and editing the videos, and much more.

Nonetheless, a YouTube cash cow channel or an automated YouTube channel can ease your difficulties. You still remain the master of your channel, and you won’t have to deal with most tasks related to posting videos, growing the channel, and optimizing.

So make sure you read until the end to know what a YouTube cash cow channel is and how you can regulate earnings from YouTube without having to do a lot manually by leveraging YouTube automation. 

What Is A YouTube Cash Cow Channel?

A YouTube cash cow channel is created solely to earn money from YouTube’s Adsense program. However, it is not limited to creating a channel and posting a video. The main essence of a cash cow channel is that it is automated, i.e., you remove yourself from most of the processes, and your channel essentially runs on autopilot, creating a passive source of income.

You will, however, have to ensure that the videos posted on your channel bear the capabilities of going viral. Because an automated channel mainly capitalizes on the YouTube algorithm of revenue generation by displaying ads.

An automated YouTube channel or cash cow channel uses automated services, tools, or tech for top-notch optimization and enhanced audience engagement. It gets YouTube to give your video a better rank, and your video begins to feature among the top video search results on YouTube. 

A finely optimized video can generate revenue for not just months but years. Creating a cash cow channel involves stacking up your channel with various such videos to generate assets that ensure long-term revenue flow.

How To Start a Cash Cow Channel on YouTube?

While you can automate the various tasks and processes on YouTube, you will still have to create a YouTube channel and decide what content you post. Here’s how you can start a YouTube cash cow channel:

Find A Suitable Niche

We recommend you select a niche about which you possess a considerable amount of knowledge, as it will help you determine if the content you are posting is relevant and value-rich.

Apart from this, you will also have to consider the CPM and search volume. This will help you select a niche that strikes a good balance of CPM and search volume.

High search volume and high CPM are ideal for generating crazy revenues. However, it’s technically impossible since only specialty niches provide high CPM, but the search volume is not very great for them. 

Things will work out if your niche has higher CPM and decent search volume. You can still generate revenue if your CPM is low, but only if the search volume is sound. You have to avoid low CPM & search volume niches at any cost as it would be next to impossible to generate any revenue there.

Curate Video Ideas

To create a stack of videos that generate long-term revenue flow, you will have to create or recreate at least 30 videos that can go viral in no time at all. 

You can analyze videos of the top channels in your niche to take note of script, music, quality, and all such elements. It is pertinent to mention here that blatantly copying the video content will not work out, and you will end up getting your channel banned for violations like copyright infringement. 

Therefore, analyze the videos for solely deriving the inspiration and conceptualization of the content of your videos. 

Thumbnail And Title

The thumbnail and title of a video are way more important than its content. It may seem like an overstatement, but the truth is that your video thumbnail and title are the elements that grab the attention of a user on YouTube.

Besides, it is impossible to attain a good CTR (click-through rate) on YouTube without an attractive thumbnail and title. You can invest a little time understanding how copywriting works to develop an excellent video title. And if you still can’t figure out how to start, you can refer to the top videos in your niche. But again, do not copy things in any shape or form.

Channel Monetization

You will need to enroll in the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) to monetize your channel with Adsense. However, you must live in a region where YPP is available. The right way to get your YouTube channel YPP approved is to gain 1000 subscribers and valid 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months. 

You can cut short this process and instantly get a YPP approved and monetized channel by purchasing it from a reputable seller. Ensure that the channel you purchase does not have copyright strikes.

Create And Upload Videos

Now that you are done with the necessary research, all there’s left to do is create the videos and upload them. It is prudent to mention that you need consistency to get rewarded on YouTube.

Upload the videos you have created and wait for at least one of them to be picked by YouTube (i.e., have over 5k views). If none of your videos seem to go that far within a few days of posting, then you will have to rework the videos.

Analysis And Optimization

The best thing about YouTube is that it offers immense insight into your channel and videos. The data can help you enhance the average watch time and CTR.

You can take notes from your top videos and determine the loopholes from those not working well. It will help you produce more valuable and engaging content.

Youtube Automation Methods

YouTube automation is all about separating yourself from essential tasks requiring regular monitoring. You can either outsource the services, use a tool, or even program stuff to automate your channel. 

The good thing is that you can decide the extent to which you want to automate your YouTube channel. Here’s how you can do it:

Method #1: Outsource Services

The best way to automate your YouTube channel is to outsource all the essential tasks such as research, scriptwriting, narrating, creating video, editing, thumbnail and title creation, video optimization, and uploading to professionals. That is, you entirely disassociate yourself from each and every process. 

Although it can be a little costly to hire a team of experts with expert experience and skills at your disposal, you can expect great results in the long run. 

Besides, finding professionals to look after your YouTube channel isn’t challenging. All you have to do is post a job listing on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. You will be amazed at how easy it is to find people ready to do your work at a highly reasonable price.

Method #2: Use Automation Tools

If you do not have enough funds to hire a professional team to look after your YouTube channel, take the help of some YouTube automation tools that can aid you in growing your YouTube channel. 

YouTube automation tools can provide you with great insight into the performance of your videos and channel. Some of them can also boost the reach and engagement of your videos and fetch more views, likes, and comments on your videos. Not just that, some of these tools can also like the comments of users and post a comment on your behalf.

However, it is pertinent to mention that you cannot get rid of the tasks like curating video ideas, writing scripts, shooting and editing videos, and uploading. Nonetheless, you can get rid of mundane YouTube tasks, which will give you a lot of spare time to create incredible videos.

Method #3: Use Codes

You can also automate your YouTube channel via python codes. However, the application of this method is minimal, and it is best suited for creating and posting compilation videos only.

It requires you first to decide your YouTube channel’s niche, then find a social media source for the desired content, scrap the content, video editing, and compilation, publish the videos, and clean up your computer. And the best part is that you can do all of this with the help of codes!

It does not matter if you don’t know how to code; you can easily get the code from the internet and use it to create your video. While it may not have a broad application, you can still use this method to monetize your channel and post regular videos on YouTube.


YouTube has endless earning opportunities for creators. However, despite creating the right content and using great optimization tactics, gaining quick subscribers, views, and likes isn’t easy at all. 

Creating a YouTube cash cow channel can help you grow your channel and revenues. It will also give you peace of mind which most YouTube hustlers don’t enjoy, and a lot of spare time to constantly work at bettering your craft.

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