Why Should You Automate Video Posting on YouTube

Posting consistently is key to growing your YouTube channel rapidly. However, suppose you manage video production, editing, and promotions alone. In that case, it’s difficult to keep track of your posting calendar and manually log in to your YouTube account to post your videos. That’s why for creators who need a little help with managing their posting schedule, we recommend automating video posting on their channel.

Whether you use YouTube’s native post scheduler or a third-party application to automate your posting schedule, scheduling your videos in advance comes with a lot of benefits. Let’s take a look at some of them today and understand how you can automate your video uploads on YouTube.

Benefits of Automating Video Uploads On YouTube

Before we dive deeper into the process of automating your video uploads from your YouTube channel, let’s look at the benefits this process offers:

1. Post Even When You Are On a Break

Every working individual, including a creator, needs a little break from work once in a while. Taking a break from your channel might not affect your viewership if you have a team to post consistently. But solo creators do not have this privilege.

After all, taking a break from YouTube is important to keep your creative quotient thriving. But at the same time, when you miss out on posting videos, the YouTube algorithm will automatically reduce your content reach.

In a situation like this, if you automate video uploads and schedule them in advance, your channel will keep releasing fresh content even when you are on a break.

2. Plan Out Strategies In Advance

When you have a pipeline of videos lined up for release, you get a better glimpse into the kind of work you are doing and the type of response each content generates. This helps you plan your strategies for your future content.

Moreover, you will also be able to identify the gaps in your content and areas that are yet to be covered. After all, if you spend all your day making videos and uploading them the very next day, you will hardly have any time to evaluate your content and viewers’ feedback.

3. Free Up Your Schedule 

Even if you can manually upload your videos throughout the week, we still recommend handing over this repetitive task to automation software. 

As a YouTube creator, you have tons of responsibilities. By automating video uploads, you will give yourself more time to focus on other areas of your YouTube channel.

4. Improve Your Content Reach

If you manually upload your videos, you can only target people during working hours, depending on your time zone. However, on social media and video streaming platforms like YouTube, your aim should be to reach out to viewers across the globe, regardless of the time zone difference.

You can automatically publish content for different time zones by scheduling your videos in advance, even when you are sleeping. 

For example, if a YouTube creator based in the United States wants to target an Asian audience, he will have to upload it as per Asian time. Since staying up all night just to reach the right audience isn’t a feasible option, automating your video upload is the best way out!

5. Dynamic Content Management For Multiple Platforms

This benefit will only accrue if you are using a third-party scheduling tool. These tools allow you to manage the content of multiple social media and video streaming platforms from one single dashboard. 

Hence when you are scheduling your YouTube videos, you can also schedule them on Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform of your choice simultaneously. Your third-party application will automatically post the content on all the chosen platforms without requiring your assistance.

How to Schedule YouTube Videos in Advance

If you don’t want to opt for scheduling automation services from third-party software, you can use YouTube’s native scheduling feature. Here is a quick guide on how to activate and set up this feature:

How to Unlock the YouTube Schedule Feature

To use the YouTube schedule feature, you need to verify your account. If your account is already verified, you will see the option on your channel dashboard. If you don’t, follow these steps to get your account verified and activate the feature:

1. Check Your Verification Status

Begin with checking your verification status on YouTube Studio. Click on your YouTube profile picture and select the third dropdown menu that reads YouTube Studio.

Once you are inside your YouTube Studio dashboard, check the menu on the left side of the screen. From the list of options available under your profile picture, select “Settings.”

You will find an option called “Channel” on the settings page. Click on that and select the Feature Eligibility option. On the next page, scroll down to the end and find the option that reads Status and Features. On this page, you can check if your YouTube account is verified or not.

2. Add Your Information

If you see that your channel is not verified, you will need to add your country of operation, phone number, and the medium through which you would like to get the verification code.

Once you enter the six-digit code proving that you are human, hit the submit button to get your account verified. YouTube will immediately change the verification status of your account, and you can access the scheduling feature from your Studio dashboard.

The number of features keeps increasing as your channel grows in viewership and subscribers. For example, channels with more than 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours are eligible for the YouTube partner program. A verified YouTube account also comes with a suite of other benefits, including longer videos, custom thumbnails, and much more.

How to Verify Your Account While Uploading a Video

If you have already selected a video for upload only to realize that you are yet to activate your scheduling feature, you might not want to go back and waste all your efforts.

In this case, you can simply drag the cursor and hover it over the thumbnail of your video. YouTube will automatically send a pop-up message asking you to verify your account if you want to add custom thumbnails. 

Click on verify and follow the earlier steps to activate the video scheduling feature. Once your channel is verified, you will be redirected to where you had left.

How to Schedule Your YouTube Videos

Having learned how to get your YouTube channel verified, it’s time to learn how to schedule your videos and automate the video posting process.

Here is a quick guide to help you with that:

1. Upload Your video

This step remains the same for regular video upload. Simply click on the camera icon on the top right corner of your YouTube dashboard or hit the create button. Select the file you want to upload and confirm from the window that pops up.

2. Add Video Information

Once the video is selected, add all the necessary information, such as a video description, title, and thumbnail image. If you want your video to be a part of a particular playlist, you can categorize it during this stage. 

Note that you can also add additional information like brand collaboration mentions or age restrictions, if any. 

3. Schedule Your Video

Once you are done adding the details, you will be directed to the third stage of the video upload process under the visibility tab. On this page, you can either choose to immediately publish the video or select the second option that asks you to schedule your video for a future date. 

After clicking on “Schedule,” select a preferred date and time you want your video to go live. All this while, your video will remain on the channel, but its visibility would have turned private.

If you are happy with the publishing date and time, hit “Schedule.” In the next box that pops up, you will get a preview of the video with its title description, thumbnail, and the date and time it will be published. You will also find a link to your YouTube video, which you can directly copy for promotional purposes. 

Final Thoughts 

Managing our YouTube channel is a full-time job that becomes more hectic if you are a solo creator. If you cannot afford to hire a team in the initial stages, it’s best to invite automated tools and services into your business.  

We hope you are now fully aware of what automating video uploads bring to the table and how using the YouTube schedule feature is like having a team member actively looking after your social calendar 24×7. Whether to take a break or focus on a new project, automate your YouTube channel to keep it running without any hiccups.

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