Top Amazon Review Automation Tools for FBA Sellers

Competition for Amazon sellers is reaching new heights every day, and perhaps this is why the role of reviews has become more critical than ever. Today, individuals rely more on reviews for their purchase decision, but the downside is that only a handful of customers give reviews and feedback on their purchases. 

According to estimates, only 5 to 10% of buyers give feedback. This is where Amazon review software comes into the picture. These automation tools are designed to encourage the buyers to review the product by sending them review requests in real-time. So let’s dig deeper into the top-performing Amazon review automation tools. 

Benefits of Amazon Review Automation Tools for Sellers 

Typically, you’ll need to invest your time and efforts in sending review request emails to the customers manually. But it is difficult to manage everything if you receive and fulfill hundreds and thousands of orders every day. An Amazon reviewing automated software is the best solution for this problem. It automatically sends product review requests to the buyers post their purchase. 

Note that unsatisfied customers are more likely to leave feedback. If you aren’t careful, your product may have more negative reviews even if the number of satisfied buyers is comparatively more. Hence, it’s essential to manage and monitor customer reviews on Amazon, and an automated Amazon feedback software will help you handle the entire process efficiently. 

Top Amazon Feedback and Review Automation Software

The software we are about to mention will make it easier for you to follow up with your customers irrespective of their number by requesting product reviews and feedback on their purchases without manual input. These tools go a long way in ensuring excellent customer service and making the buyers feel that their opinion matters. 

Here are the top ten tools to automate your Amazon feedback and review processes:

1. FeedbackFive

FeedbackFive is an ideal software for Amazon sellers on a budget. The tool allows users to send review requests to over 50 customers monthly, run email campaigns, track ASINs, and much more. You can also check detailed metrics of written reviews, positive feedback percentages, average product ratings, or one-tap product ratings.

The software also has an automated email service for scheduling feedback requests. With FeedbackFive, you can get real-time alerts for both negative and positive feedback enabling you to resolve customer issues at the earliest. Moreover, you can request the deletion or removal of a review as well. 

2. AMZFinder

AMZFinder comes with several features, and feedback alerts are one of them. It allows you to track your product feedback and reviews and its automatic email alerts make it easy for sellers to manage negative feedback efficiently. 

The software’s prominent features include Search Rankings Tracker, Keyword Explorer, Niche Scout, Hijacking Alerts, Supplier Scout, etc.

The tool also comes with various advanced features such as customizable templates, a blacklist feature, order filter settings, and more. You are also facilitated with automated matching of email templates suitable for individual customers. 

Overall, the software will come in extremely handy in improving your store’s overall service, growing positive reviews, strengthening brand image, and boosting profits. 

3. FeedbackExpress

Feedback Express could be the one if you are looking for software that can help you set up automated emails for your product buyers. You can use it to configure requests for buyer feedback, customer service email, and product reviews. In addition, the messages can be personalized, fine-tuned, and edited to make them relevant to the customers. 

The software also helps you manage negative feedback. You get real-time feedback notifications through email and SMS whenever you receive negative ratings or reviews.

All in all, FeedbackExpress has empowered Amazon sellers to improve their product feedback statistics, consequently improving their sales and earnings.

 4. Kibly

Kibly is counted among the most dedicated and influential softwares. It has drastically changed the way Amazon reviews are gathered for businesses. The software allows you to send customized follow-up emails and automated requests to buyers to leave product reviews and feedback. 

Besides, you can even send a postcard (actual letters) to your clients through this software. Simply put, Kibly helps monitor the reviews and feedback on your products much more effectively. Moreover, you can take the necessary actions to deal with an issue credit to Kibly’s real-time updates. 

 5. FeedbackZ

FeedbackZ is powerful automated software you can use to send automated feedback requests through email. The tool is designed to help Amazon sellers focus on collecting feedback while improving the feedback metrics on their site. There is no need to keep tabs on every order to collect reviews manually. Moreover, the software’s automated process fully complies with Amazon’s policies.

Also, you can easily customize the software’s mobile-friendly templates as per your business needs and preferences. Moreover, the review requests can also be optimized for conversions. 

Use FeedbackZ to schedule the emails’ timings so that the customers open them when you want them to – it wouldn’t serve you well if a customer opens your email when they are swamped with work in their office. Besides, you can track the product reviews and manage the negative ones to ensure the flawless reputation of your brand on Amazon.

6. SageMailer

SageMailer is another competent tool to manage product reviews and feedback on Amazon. From personalizing the product reviews to sending seller feedback emails, you can handle every aspect of product review management using this software. Moreover, you can even customize the templates as per your liking and add company logos, images, and other details in the emails. 

The customized templates allow you to respond to customer queries without much delay. Additionally, you can perform A/B testing up to 9 variations and find one that can bring the best results. The best thing is that you don’t have to look elsewhere to manage your Amazon seller-buyer messages; use SageMailer.

7. BQool

BQool takes care of all major business segments – repricing, feedback, review, and research. For example, the software’s Review Central notifies you of negative reviews, whereas the feedback feature helps manage feedback request emails.

You can automate the process by scheduling the emails, using the previously collected data to select the time to send email notifications to clients. Moreover, you can also choose a package according to the number of emails you plan to send. Note that BQool is available in all major countries like Italy, Japan, France, Mexico, etc.

8. xSellco

xSellco allows Amazon sellers to manage customer queries efficiently. It’s the go-to software for sellers that sell on multiple platforms. The software streamlines all sales channels and consolidates them into a single platform, making it easy for a seller to manage customer queries using customized templates and text snippets. 

xSellco allows individuals to garner feedback and reviews by automatically sending out product review requests to their buyers. Remember, you can also personalize feedback request emails further for relevance.

With xSellco, you also get actionable insights into your inventory, learn about the underperforming products, competition rate, and more. All this information and data can be used for building the right plans and strategies for growth. 

The software also includes a profit calculator that facilitates calculating shipping costs, FBM, and listing fees, ensuring that you accurately predict your profits.

9. Zonguru

Zonguru comes with a comprehensive set of features that make feedback management effortless. The Email Automator feature of Zonguru will allow you to follow up with your customers using pre-existing or customized templates.

It also boasts powerful tools, including Niche finder, Listing optimizer, Keywords on fire, IP monitor, Email Automator, Business dashboard, Keyword tracker, Review Automator, Sales spy, Niche rater, etc.

Additionally, the software equips you with various free resources like ASIN index checker, Product tracker sheet, Events hub, live weekly training, FBA calculator, and podcast. All in all, it’s an ideal software for managing Amazon product portfolios. 

10. Feedback Genius

Created by SellerLabs, Feedback Genius has carved a name for itself among several Amazon sellers thanks to the control it provides sellers of their Amazon reviews. It helps automate the entire feedback process and is ideal for building an excellent brand image on Amazon while improving customer relations. 

Its tested and proven email templates will help you connect with your customers. Feedback Genius is indeed one of the finest tools you can get your hands on to enhance your customer service and product. 

Moreover, you can create customized automated follow-up emails for a personal touch. The software also manages negative feedback, fetches more product reviews, and more importantly, positive ones, and improves your review metrics on Amazon.


So this was all about the best Amazon review automation tools currently available in the market. They will help you drive more sales and attain new heights of success as an Amazon seller. 

Make sure you choose an efficient tool — one that meets your business requirements and budget. From tracking Amazon feedback to managing Amazon buyer-seller queries and messages, you can now take care of everything from a single platform using any of the aforementioned tools.

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