Top 7 YouTube Automation Tools For Your Channel

Establishing a YouTube channel is easy, but the real task is to grow it successfully. From creating content to editing and publishing, a lot of effort goes into building a successful YouTube channel. It’s not easy to get the kind of viewers you want on your channel. 

That said, it isn’t impossible to attain success on YouTube — there are automation tools to make the struggle easier. They will help you quickly build a handsome presence on this platform. 

This ultimate guide will educate you on the 14 best YouTube automation tools that you should be using to rake in the best possible results on a platform as competitive as YouTube, so read until the end. 

1. Followersup

Followersup is one of the top-rated YouTube automation tools that offer excellent automation support. It is a trusted and tested tool with hundreds of automation users and delivers 100% safe subscribers that mimic typical human behavior.

The software comes with a customizable, user-friendly interface. A standout feature of this tool is that individuals can cross-promote their content on multiple platforms, including Instagram, Linkedin, and Facebook — one of the best ways to grow your brand’s online presence.

Why Should You Pick Followersup?

Here are a few reasons why Followersup is a worthy YouTube automation tool:

  • Compatible with all the major social media channels
  • Extensive support network with quick response time
  • Quick delivery within an hour (might slightly vary for bigger orders)
  • End-to-end encryption keeps your data safe 
  • Safely delivery protects your account from getting banned

Followersup has been leading the YouTube growth service industry since 2016, and out of the thousands of orders and customers they have served, none of the accounts have ever been banned. 

Considering how risky it can be to get a growth service from an unreliable agency, Followsup with its secure transactions and guaranteed success is a must-have. 

Also, you can customize all the aspects of your orders using this software. Moreover, it is completely safe and comes with a money-back guarantee. 

2. ASB Youtube Bot 

ASB YouTube Bot comes with a fantastic set of features such as Spin syntax, Auto Subscribe, Auto Upvote, Auto Comment Community, Account Manager, Autoreply comment, Auto like, and more, making it distinguishable from others. Use this tool if you want to manage multiple individual YouTube accounts simultaneously. 

Why Should You Use ASB Youtube Bot?

Features of ASB Youtube Bot include:

  • Their service is completely safe. As long as you don’t spam, you don’t have to worry about your account being flagged.
  • Youtube is a dynamic platform with frequent updates, so is ASB Youtube Bot. Every new update in the video streaming platform reflects ASB’s own service.
  • Unlike most other platforms, ASB offers a 7-day money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with the service.
  • The tool uses Multi Thread HTTP Requests to fulfill each service with extra efficiency and speed. 

For enhanced automation experience, ASB also offers an account manager and proxy support in their YouTube growth plan. 

3. Freedom

It’s efficient and practical YouTube automation software that speeds up the growth of a YouTube channel. It allows individuals to publish their YouTube videos across multiple social media channels. You can earn massive revenue from your content by using this tool. 

In other words, you can easily connect with a large audience based on using Freedom. Besides, you can also use this tool for developing customized music, mobile game videos, and more. 

What Makes Freedom Worth a Try?

Here are some Freedom features you must know about:

  • Freedom pays 10% more revenue than YouTube to its creators. Moreover, you are eligible to earn with Freedom even if your YouTube channel isn’t monetized.
  • Unlike YouTube’s monthly payment policy, Freedom pays you every seven days. 
  • You can license music from Freedom’s in-house team of experienced music composers to give your content an edge over your competitors’ work.  

4. SEMrush

SEMrush is one of the most reliable YouTube automation tools that help individuals with YouTube automation while facilitating content creation, social media promotion, and competitive research. The analytics features of this tool will give you a better overview of your channel’s performance. 

SEMrush features various advanced tools such as Keyword Research, Local SEO, On-page SEO, Rank Tracking, Competitor analysis, etc. 

They enable users to compare and estimate the keyword’s difficulty, compare the performance of different domains, and more. Besides, you can also conduct keyword analysis, track the performance of your channel and know what strategy will work best for your channel using SEMrush.

Why Should You Pick SEMrush?

Here is a detailed glimpse into SEMrush automation features:

Report Automation

Going through heaps of data and results to create weekly reports is a colossal waste of time; SEMrush and its report automation will do it for you. All you have to do is set up an email recipient for the report to be shared. 

Competitors Analysis

Check what your competitors are up to, their performance, and recent works with SEMrush’s monthly competitor analysis automation template. Get every metric you need from your competitors without lifting a finger.

Keyword Analysis

Finding the right keyword is crucial to making your content rank. Instead of racking your brain and spending hours on keyword research, use SEMrush’s automated keyword analysis and research tool. 

Other Automated Services offered by SEMrush include:

  • Link profile analysis
  • Logfile analysis
  • Rank tracking 
  • Website crawls
  • Monitoring brand mentions
  • Meta description generation and much more!

5. JTV Digital 

If your videos fall in the music category, JTV Digital is a perfect tool to optimize your YouTube channel. The software enables users to sell their music effortlessly to popular digital stores like Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Tidal, and even YouTube. 

The concept is simple – you’ll generate revenue every time a third party uses your music on their YouTube channel/platform. In addition, you get a royalty whenever your music is featured on a third party’s YouTube video. It’s indeed an excellent option for individuals who are into music-making. 

What Makes JTV Worth a Try?

Getting a platform to sell your music and generate revenue even as a newbie is a reason enough to sign up for JTV Digital. However, here are a few more reasons why you should consider opting for JTV:

  • As an artist, you should only focus on creating quality music. Marketing, selling, and generating profits from your art will be JTV’s responsibility.
  • They offer consistent support, personalized for every creator to maximize revenue and popularity.  
  • JTV has a vast network of about 200 platforms. So, when you share your music with them, you are also sharing it with 200 other platforms and interacting with 200 potential revenue sources.

JTV has supported more than 100,000 novice artists so far — monetizing songs on YouTube has never been easier. 

6. Keyword Tool 

Keyword Tool is a highly reliable YouTube automation tool that helps users explore new keywords for their YouTube channel. Moreover, you also learn new phrases and words in different languages, which may be challenging to wrap your heads around otherwise. 

This handy software suggests appropriate keywords, speeding up your success on YouTube. If you are looking for a tool that can help you create a near-to-accurate engagement strategy, Keyword Tool could just be the one. 

Why Should You Pick a Keyword Tool?

Here are a few features that make Keyword Tool worth a try:

  • Works well for both local and international SEO
  • Generates thousands of keywords within seconds using Google Autocomplete
  • Unlike Google Keyword Planner, you don’t have to activate an ad account or launch a campaign to view the keywords
  • Compatible in multiple languages of different countries supported by the respective search engines 

7. Adrev

One of the major issues for music creators is that people use their music without paying them or taking their permission. Adrev solves this problem and enables users to monetize their music. The software helps music producers to create proper copyright around their music. 

What Makes Adrev Worth a Try?

Here are a few Adrev will add to your experience:

  • Increase your revenues and reach out to countless fans
  • A flawless customer support system with quick claim support
  • Enhance your channel with powerful integrations that Adrev provides
  • Manage multiple content platforms, including Youtube, from the same dashboard

The tool automatically generates royalty and helps you earn a good amount of money whenever your content is used on a third-party YouTube video, i.e., you’ll make money even if the person uses your music without a valid license or permission. Moreover, the software’s automated system keeps the content protected by identifying the plagiarism source. 

Final Thoughts 

Whether you are an individual or a brand, you must hop on digital mediums such as YouTube to increase your reach among potential audiences. YouTube channels with a huge number of subscribers and followers dominate social media and have higher chances of success. 

That said, being a lone wolf in such a competitive industry will do you no good; we hope the YouTube automation software listed above will guide you to the success you desire!

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