Top 6 Amazon Advertising Automation Tools

If you are single-handedly managing your entire Amazon business or have a small team at best, manually setting up Amazon advertisements is not feasible for you. Advertisement and marketing require expertise and industry knowledge. And depending on the size of your business, it might even call for an entire department dedicated to advertisements.  

A lot of small businesses might not be able to afford that but if you still want an expert partner to join your team and look after your Amazon advertisements, try Amazon advertising automation tools. 

If you want someone to take off the burden of advertising from your team, read this ultimate guide on the top 6 Amazon advertisements tools to buy today!

How Does Amazon Advertising Automation Help

Manually setting up a campaign on Amazon can be tedious, especially for those who aren’t familiar with the process.

Two of the most important components of Amazon advertisements are keyword research and bid management. While keyword research helps you identify the top search terms to optimize your campaigns for maximum ROI, bid management helps secure a spot to give your brand maximum exposure.

An advertising automation tool takes care of both these components so that you focus on other aspects of your business that cannot function without your supervision.

Top 6 Amazon Advertising Automation Tools

Indeed you can use Amazon’s built-in advertising automation feature. However, it doesn’t hurt to have a few extra features that come with third-party tools. 

1. PPC Scope

The beauty of Amazon advertising is that a seller who knows how the process actually works can make significantly more profit from the same ad budgets than an amateur. This is the principle that PPC Scope works on.

It not only helps you automate your advertisements on Amazon, but a significant part of its services includes optimizing your advertisement for the maximum profit. 

This tool is based on Brian Johnson, a renowned Amazon PPC expert’s proven method. Thanks to this method, PPC Scope has developed a few preset optimization filters to help you optimize your ad campaigns. These filters have been purposely kept simple to allow beginners to benefit from them.

PPC Scope’s insightful analytics acts as your personal advertising advisor, helping you identify the high-performing ads that need a boost or low-performing ads that should be paused.

Click here to start a free 21-day trial or check their pricing for paid plans. 

2. PPC Entourage

If you set your foot into Amazon advertising before knowing the essentials, you might end up wasting a lot of money on poorly planned ads that will not return any benefit. One of the primary benefits of using PPC Entourage is that you minimize wastage of ad funds, helping you push up your profit margin and churn in extra revenue. 

PPC Entourage not only helps you create ads that provide a high return on investment, but their ad coaching service will also help you understand the process in its entirety. Thanks to training from the experts themselves, you can have better control over your Amazon advertisements. 

Here is a glimpse into the benefits offered under their advertisement coaching service:

  • Understanding how to create the perfect ad copy
  • Benefit from the latest first-mover advantage feature
  • Finding the right keywords and optimizing every ad
  • An ultimate pack of PPC structure for every type of advertisement
  • Calculate profit margin for your business and identity ways to increase it

For the ultimate experience, we recommend you check their PPC Management Service that offers a suite of advertising management tools with a dedicated team of experts from PPC Entourage to assist you throughout the process.

Click here to check out their pricing and know more about their services.

3. Bidx

Many advertising automation tools require your supervision for performance evaluation. However, if you are looking for a completely automated advertising tool for Amazon campaigns, Bidx is worth trying.

The platform automates your advertising and campaign planning procedure through the following steps:

  • First, it will research the keywords that can give your product maximum exposure
  • Next, they will create the campaigns and ads for your products
  • Once the campaign is created, they will optimize it and place a bid on your behalf
  • Throughout the campaign, they will monitor the performance and create an evaluation report
  • They will also offer individual support to help you decide the next course of action for your campaigns 

If you want to create your own campaign, Bidx has a super easy one-click setup interface that allows you to create advertisements for multiple products in just a few clicks. 

Extensive customer support makes Bidx much more reliable than other automation tools. Along with responsive chat and email assistance, you can also get on regular calls with experts from Bidx to strategize your Amazon advertisement.

Click here to know more about their service pricing.

4. Ad Badger

Simply generating sales and revenue from your Amazon advertisements is not a sign of a successful campaign. You should also keep track of your ad cost per sale, wasted ad budget, and the maximum profit you can generate from the same ads.

Unlike other automation tools that primarily focus on creating perfect campaigns, Ad Badger also takes your business’s finance into account. It helps you curate a profitable campaign that generates sales without draining your funds. 

Here is a glimpse into how Ad Badger helps you curate profitable ad campaigns on Amazon:

  • This tool will help you reclaim your wasted ad budget
  • Their keyword scanner strikes off negative keywords that will not add any value to your campaign
  • Smart automation backed by Ad Badger helps you lower your Amazon Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS)

A lot of businesses prefer to have better control over their advertisements instead of letting an automation tool manager at all. If this is one of your advertisement goals, you can also use Ad Badger’s Amazon PPC coaching. 

Here is how this coaching can benefit you:

  • Get one-on-one coaching from Amazon PPC experts 
  • Get a personalized curriculum based on your business needs
  • Benefit from unlimited question-answers with industry experts

You can find more information about Ad Badger here.

5. Perpetua

Perpetua is another popular eCommerce advertising automation software. Its support also extends to Target, Walmart, and Instacart. Perpetua is known for its variety in terms of content format for advertisements. Whether you want to sponsor a product listing, regular display content, or brand videos, you can do it all through Perpetua. 

Here is a glimpse into how Perpetua helps you manage Amazon advertisements:

  • Using an algorithmic bidding system, they ensure that you only invest in the best bids that are most likely to convert into sales
  • Whether it’s keyboard harvesting, campaign optimization, or analytical feedback, Perpetua manages it all efficiently
  • It also helps you find the right audience who are most likely to be interested in your product. Reach out to your new customers or retarget existing ones to get the best results with Perpetua. 

Moreover, it has custom-designed its tools for different advertising needs. For instance, it has separate advertising packages for sellers, brands, and agencies. 

Their dynamic dashboard helps you check your number of sponsored products, sales from sponsored products, advertising investment, and ACOS all in one place.

Check out their pricing and plans here.

6. Downstream

If you want to level up your Amazon advertising game by checking in on your competitor’s strategy and inviting your team to work together, Downstream could be the one. 

Backed by Jungle Scout, Downstream offers a wide range of Amazon advertising automation tools, making promoting your business on Amazon a cakewalk.

This tool is built by former Amazon employees who know their way around the eCommerce platform and give the best tools to scale your business. Downstream’s reliable automation services have made it popular among globally renowned brands, including HP, Wild Planet, Libbey, etc. 

Here is a glimpse into how Downstream and its tools help you manage your advertisements on Amazon:

  • One of the best features of Downstream is its competitor analysis tool that allows you to see your position in the market, monitor current trends, and devise campaigns to help you beat your competition.
  • The tool also offers a customizable dashboard to manage all your advertising automation needs from a single intuitive platform.
  • Its impeccable team management services also make it easy for teams to collaborate on advertising automation. You can even assign individual roles and control each member’s access to the tool.
  • Custom role assignment makes it easy for you to safely share your business data with stakeholders and investors. 

Moreover, Downstream’s wide range of tools can be utilized to keep track of your sales, products in stock, average price, and much more inventory-related information. 

Check out their paid plans here.

Final Thoughts 

If you are new to Amazon selling, it might not be possible for you to hire advertising experts. However, that doesn’t mean your product marketing should suffer. 

The advertising tools mentioned above operate with the efficiency of a seasoned expert but at a much more affordable price. You not only automate a huge chunk of your business but also run it with expert efficiency that is rare and expensive if pursued manually.

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