Things To Consider Before Starting An Automated Business On Amazon

Selling on Amazon is hectic, time-consuming, and demanding. You have to keep track of all the products, orders, inventory, delivery, packaging, shipment, and after-sale customer service.

Also, you have to be diligent about the quality of the product and how it can be advertised. It can be especially troublesome for small and medium scale enterprises where managing all these simultaneously can be an uphill task.

But do you have to lose your sleep and sanity to make sure that your Amazon store runs smoothly? Make Amazon Automation Services your friend – it helps business owners simplify their business processes.

In exchange for a small fee, some businesses will perform all the complex business processes for you. This will free up your time and help you focus on other important business facets.

In this ultimate guide, we discuss the benefits of automating a business and the things you should consider before starting an automated business on Amazon.

Why Should You Automate Your Business?

Automation has a direct and quick impact on your business results. Here are some of the many reasons why you should automate your business:

Reduction of Labor Costs

Most businesses hire financial managers, inventory managers, shipment packaging personnel, an employee for inventory management, and so forth. Automation tools bundle up all these activities to be traceable under one platform and require no human intervention at all.

Every business owner wants to cut down on unnecessary costs, and automation does precisely that!

Better Order Processing

Taking orders usually involves a lot of steps, including listing products, receiving the orders, tracking them, updating inventory and putting in orders for stocking or re-stocking, processing the order for packaging, shipment, delivery, and more.

All of these can be seamlessly integrated digitally without keeping track of every order that comes in. The automation services also allow order processing from multiple channels and update financials.

Better Productivity and Efficiency Overall

Besides the above benefits, automation also improves inventory management, tracks financials, helps with advertising, email marketing, etc. These cumulatively help any business owner be untroubled about carrying on the business and concentrate only on the important business decisions.

All this, in turn, contributes to a general overall improved productivity and efficiency in the process.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Since Amazon automation tools integrate with your seller central account and automatically collect inventory-related information, there remains no room for human errors or overselling, for that matter, which in turn ensures that customers do not leave negative reviews for your brand/product.

Moreover, automation makes it convenient for you to keep your customers informed about their order status. The customers receive important updates regarding their purchases by email. It also facilitates an instant communication channel for the shoppers.

Without the help of automation tools, it all can become absurdly time-consuming and frustrating if done manually. Thus, Amazon automation tools help you skyrocket your customer satisfaction.

Repeat Sales

Amazon automation tools use Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is based on Machine Learning (ML) techniques. It enables the tools to gather information related to the purchase preferences of a customer.

The automation tools display recommended product advertisements and send notifications to customers based on their preferences. It induces and improves the chances of repeat purchases by a customer. As a result, your business makes more sales than it would have without the automation tools.

Things To Consider Before Starting An Automated Business On Amazon

Having learned the benefits of automating your Amazon business, it sure does seem like a good idea to introduce digital automation tools in your business. But before you give in to the temptation, it’s crucial you consider all factors and ensure that the decision you make only benefits your business.

The primary things you need to consider are:

Understand What Amazon Automation Is

The first step is fully understanding the concept of Amazon Automation. You should be clear about its scope and the extent. Moreover, you should know all the benefits, shortcomings, advantages, and disadvantages of using the system. All this will help you make an informed decision.

Clear Your Doubts

In case you have any doubts about the process or the kinds of services provided, or whether it is the right fit for you, it’d be wise to consult with an expert. But where do you find one?

Such experts are usually individuals who have already implemented the method and know the ins and outs of the system. Alternatively, you can skim through online forums and groups – typically a strong community – for all kinds of support you may need with your Amazon Automation.

Remember, this is a cornerstone step, and you must ensure that you have plugged all the holes in your knowledge of the subject.

Benefits of Using The Automation Process

The next step would be to understand the benefits of using the automation process for your business.

To reach a sound decision here, you must first understand the kind of automation your business needs. The kind of business you have and the problems you might face need to be clearly communicated to the service provider. This is because most automation service providers have packages that solve a handful of problems.

Next, go through the different packages and ascertain the problems you might be willing to undertake or solve yourself to save on the services’ fees.

A few business segments that can benefit tremendously from Amazon Automation are:

●     Order management

●     Inventory management

●     Order processing and shipment

●     Tracking shipment and delivery

●     Pricing management

●     Advertising

●     Email marketing

●     Inventory management

●     Financial management

●     Customer service

Learn About The Service Provider’s Working

Once you have identified your business’s problems and zeroed in on the service provider you might opt for; you need to understand how they function.

Ask the provider for all the details and the steps are undertaken. This will help you set realistic expectations. People tend to overestimate what automation can do in a month or two – they expect to change their business results overnight; some even expect results within a well!

Moreover, you can also tweak your existing setup such that it easily integrates with the automation tools. This will help you work in a more organized manner and help you achieve your targets.

Take Feedback

Here’s a pro tip for you: ask for feedback from someone who’s already purchased the services of the provider you now seek. Besides telling you of the reliability of the provider or any or more of their services, this will also reveal their shortcomings, if any.

Honest feedback from such individuals can help you to make better choices. Moreover, positive feedback will give you the necessary confidence to induct automation into your business.

Are Amazon FBA And Amazon Automation The Same?

As a newbie, it’s straightforward to confuse Amazon automation with Amazon FBA. The reality couldn’t have been more overstated! These two are totally different; their functions and motives all differ.

Amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) is a service that Amazon offers to third-party sellers wherein they allow them to store their products with Amazon. At the same time, Amazon takes charge of order fulfillment on behalf of such sellers whose products they look after.

While Amazon’s FBA services can help you execute many things related to your business extremely smoothly, a lot still needs to be done from your end. That is, FBA does not create a passive income channel, and you will still be in active charge of everything related to your business on Amazon. That said, FBA can be extremely helpful in scaling your business.

But if you want to turn your Amazon business into a passive income-making machine, Amazon automation is what you should be looking for. Simply put, Amazon automation is a turnkey service wherein you hire a team of Amazon business experts that run an automated store for you.

At the heart of it, you’ll still be the owner of the store. The team you hired will look after everything related to logistics, customer support, analytics, returns, inventory, order fulfillment, and everything related to your Amazon business. All you have to do is invest some money, sit back and relax, and wait for the profits!


Amazon – or any other eCommerce platform for that matter – has become extremely competitive today. You need to sail through the cut-throat competition in order to rake in more sales and profits.

Opt for Amazon automation service and absolve yourself from all kinds of business hassles. It will help your business work better, and that too, with lesser human interference and costs (in the long run).

While automating your Amazon store is certainly a tempting option, we’d like you to assure yourself of the reliability and suitability of a particular automation service provider before you rope them in for good. Simply glance over the checklist mentioned above while conversing with a provider, and you’ll be good to go!

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