How To Scale Your Amazon Automation Business With Review Automation

While Amazon automation certainly makes it easier to scale a business, it doesn’t absolve you of the responsibility to think of new and better ways to scale your business. Every Amazon seller knows that customer reviews can either make it or break it. Products with more and positive reviews do not just come across as reliable but are also promoted by the Amazon search engine.

The only problem is, getting quality reviews is pretty hard. While customers are on their toes to write a bad review any time they face an inconvenience with your brand, they are not so keen on leaving behind positive reviews.

In this ultimate guide, we will discuss how you can use review automation tools to boost your Amazon business organically.

What Is Amazon’s Review Request and Review Automation?

In the last quarter of 2019, Amazon came with a “Request a Review” feature for all their sellers. As the name suggests, this feature allows Amazon sellers to request a review from their customers post-purchase. After all, reminding customers to leave a review is always better than expecting them to do it themselves.

However, the only problem with this feature is it has to be done manually. This means if you receive 100 orders a week, you will have to send out review requests to all those customers individually and follow up with them.

Manually managing 100 customers a week is of course hectic and increases the probability of missing out on customers, thereby potential positive reviews. And this is where review automation becomes crucial.

A review automation tool helps you send out review requests to customers automatically post-purchase instead of you having to reach out to them manually. This saves you a lot of time and effort and ensures that you never miss out on positive feedback.

Why Do You Need Review Automation?

You might wonder if Amazon already has a Review Request Feature, why should you go for a third-party review automation service, and that’s a fair argument!

Here are a few reasons why an automated review service is better than the original Amazon review feature:

1. Better Efficiency

Once you’ve laid down the initial framework of your business, its success depends on how efficient your brand components are.

Review automation services help you ensure that:

  • Each of your customers gets a review request
  • The review requests are sent as soon as the order is delivered – the faster your review requests reach your customers, the higher will be their chances of responding.

Also, you can utilize the time you’d have otherwise invested in manually sending out review requests to do something better. Business processes that do not need any innovation or moderation are best left to tools and software.

2. No Personalization

Amazon has a fixed review request email template that every seller uses for all their customers. This means frequent shoppers have already seen this template countless times and are in all likelihood bored of it.

At a time when customers are already dealing with tons of emails from countless brands, you surely don’t want to end up in a customer’s spam list – using Amazon’s pre-designed template is almost a guaranteed route to that.

Instead, opt for a third-party service. You will have the flexibility to design your own format in your own language. Following a unique and personal approach will increase the chances of your customers leaving a review.

3. Fixed Timeline for Review Request

Your customer isn’t obligated to leave you a review, nor does it bother them. Hence, it’s important for you to send them the review request as soon as you can.

While some products like books and electronics have a bigger review request window, you need to send the request before the initial excitement wears off if you’re selling items like accessories, garments, and decor pieces.

However, Amazon has a fixed review request window of 5 to 30 days, which is just too much in a lot of cases! On the other hand, if you opt for a third-party review automation service, you can choose to have the request sent as soon as the product is delivered or any other date that you feel is perfect.

4. No Scope For Buyer-Seller Interaction

When customers receive a review request, they might want to reach out to you and ask a few questions or share their privacy concerns before posting a public review. However, the review request feature of Amazon falls outside the buyer-seller messaging interface.

Having no one to share their concerns with, customers might choose not to leave a review or, worse – write a negative public review.

Buyer-seller interaction makes for a good brand image. That’s why review automation services do not curb your communication access with your customers, unlike Amazon.

5. Get Insights on Your Email Campaign Performance

Depending on the review automation software you choose, you can also get detailed analytics of your review request emails. This will show you the number of people that receive your emails, those who open them, and those who actually respond to them.

Once you have this data, you can use it to devise better email marketing campaigns that invite more responses and conversions. Studying the interaction between your customers and emails can also help you discover the elements that are driving them away so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes in the future.

How to Set Up a Review Automation Software

There’s no one-size-fits-all as far as setting up review automation is concerned; it all depends on the software you choose.

Here, we’ve picked the Feedback Whizz software to show you how you can gain genuine reviews on your Amazon product listings. Feel free to use any review automation tool – it all boils down to what you prefer!

Why We Chose Feedback Whizz

You might be wondering why we’ve chosen Feedback Whizz out of all the available review automation tools. Here’s why:

  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Available in 20 countries
  • A free plan to try out their service
  • Trusted by thousands of renowned Amazon sellers
  • Seamless feedback management and email automation
  • Automated email insights combined with real-time monitoring

How to Set Up Automated Review Requests With Feedback Whizz

Now that you know the benefits of using Feedback Whizz let’s walk you through the process of setting up automated reviews.

1. Set Up Your Account

Create a free account – usually a 30-day trial. The best part is, they do not ask for your credit card details.

2. Create Amazon Review and Feedback Campaign

Once you are logged into your dashboard, you will see an option on the top of your screen to create an “Amazon Review and Feedback Campaign.”

If you do not already have your Amazon seller account connected, you will be directed to a page like the one below to complete the connection.

3. Set the Specifics of Your Review Request

Once your Amazon seller account is connected, you simply have to name the campaign and add the state where your campaign would be active. Kindly note that with Feedback Whizz, you cannot change the email template, but you can certainly opt for other services that offer the email template customization feature.

At this stage, you can also pick the colors, select your marketplace and choose the product status that will trigger this email. With Amazon, the product has to be delivered to trigger this email.

You can also filter out orders based on criteria like refunds and replacements that do not need a review request.

4. Schedule the Email

Schedule the timeline to send out your emails. Typically, the schedule is 5 to 30 days post-delivery. However, you can adjust that by categorizing your products and choosing what works best for each product.

For example, if you are selling fashion products, keep the window to 5 to 7 days, but if you are selling electronics or diet supplements, a 25-30 day window will reap better results.

5. Set the Filters for New & Repeating Customers

Once your email is ready to be sent, it’s time to target your customers. The default settings will work just fine for new buyers, but it’d be wise to check your email analytics for regular customers. This will help you understand what worked for them and what didn’t so that you can organize your next campaign accordingly.

6. Save & Enjoy

Once everything is in place, save the review request template, and you are all set. Feedback Whizz will take the lead from here, and you can simply sit back and let them roll in tonnes of reviews.

Final Thoughts

Although an Amazon store is instantly dubbed as passive income, it will be as hectic as a regular full-time business unless you automate it. The automation process in itself is a time and energy-consuming task that includes planning, strategizing, and market research.

With all such important tasks on the table, it’s easy to miss out on (or not have the time for) garnering positive reviews, which is just as crucial as any other business process. We recommend automating your customer reviews; the process is simple (as mentioned above), and it’ll truly “automate” your Amazon store.

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