How To Make A Fully Automated YouTube Channel

Every YouTube creator has a jam-packed schedule. In situations like these, focusing on a new project might mean slowing down your existing channel’s growth trajectory. But what if you could automate them such that they become passive sources of income? 

This ultimate guide will educate you on how to make a fully automated YouTube channel and generate consistent passive income from it in a few simple steps.

Understanding the Automation Process

Before you set out to create a fully automated YouTube channel, you have to understand the different paths you can take to automate your YouTube channel — you can either hire an automation agency or use third-party automation tools.

#1 YouTube Automation Agencies

Unlike other automation services, the number of agencies offering complete YouTube automation is just a few in number. However, you can still find companies like BizBuySell that offer end-to-end automation services for the entire process.

 Here is how they work:

  • They set up a YouTube channel or find an existing one that matches with your needs
  • Utilize their own team of content creators and outsource the required responsibilities to create engaging content for your channel
  • Look after the business development aspects and promotional activities of the channel.
  • Every month, it pays you a handsome passive income, depending on your viewership and watch hours.

All you need to do is register the business and give them access to your YouTube dashboard through your YouTube studio.

#2 Opting for Third-party Automation Tools

With third-party automation tools, you have greater control over your channel. That said, unlike automation agencies, you are responsible for your own growth if you opt for automation tools. 

These tools will make your job easier in certain business segments, but strategizing a growth plan for your channel, branding your content, and establishing a loyal subscriber base would still be your headache.

4 Responsibilities That Should Be Automated

If you want greater flexibility and control over your YouTube channel, we recommend going for third-party automation tools.

However, before you proceed, you must understand the types of processes and responsibilities that should be automated and the ones that you need to keep under your control.

So here are four responsibilities associated with a YouTube channel that is best automated:

1. Content Ideation and Creation

Your content is easily the most crucial factor for success on visual and creative platforms like YouTube. Also, creating quality content that retains customers and generates viewership is not child’s play. If you are unsure about taking this responsibility, it’s best to automate it.

How Can You Automate Content Ideation and Creation?

There are a couple of ways to automate the content ideation and creation process. If you want better control over your channel, you can simply use a YouTube video idea generator to get ideas for your content and create it yourself.

As you can gauge, this method does not offer much scope for automation. Before 2019, a lot of creators on YouTube used automated video creation tools for text-to-video content. However, under the revised policy of 2019, YouTube has started banning these content types and has taken down millions of automated videos. 

Hence, if you just want to go by tools, we recommend using idea generation software and then putting in your own efforts to make the video.

Content Creation Through Outsourcing

If you are keen on finding a fully automated way to create content for YouTube, consider outsourcing.

Under this method, you need to find a reliable remote team that would make the videos on your behalf and gives you the license to use them for good and wherever you want without having to credit them. 

Here is a list of tasks they will take care of:

  • Content ideation and scripting
  • Casting actors for the content or creating animations (depending on the video type)
  • Managing the production process and any other crisis that pops up during content creation
  • Handling the post-production process, including sound editing, video editing, and final touch.

As is evident, your remote team will take care of every aspect of content creation, along with the preparations required before the actual process.

You will easily find remote content creators ready to work without credit on UpWork, Freelancer, and Fiverr. 

The only downside is that the service is almost always costly — content creation is a long and hectic process, making it unsuitable for beginners or those on a tight budget.

2. YouTube Content Scheduling Automation 

Once your remote content creation team sends you the videos, it’s your job to plan out a social calendar and upload them accordingly. However, to create a fully automated YouTube channel, you might want to hand this responsibility to someone else.

Automating Through a Social Media Manager

The first option you have is to hire a social media manager. A social media manager will use their own experience to optimize your content and ensure that it is compatible with YouTube’s algorithm.  

Depending on your agreement with them, their services can also extend to other social media channels to help you build your brand.

Automating Through Video Scheduler 

If you do not like the idea of having another person managing your channel, you can opt for a video scheduler tool. 

Again, there are two ways to go about this. First, you can use YouTube’s native post scheduler option. Under this, all that you have to do is get your account verified from your YouTube Studio’s dashboard.  

This will activate the scheduling option for your channel. After that, you simply need to click on “Schedule” instead of “Publish now” when uploading a video.

The second way to go about this is through third-party scheduling apps like Hootsuite or Buffer.

Out of the many features they offer, what stands out is that they allow you to schedule your post on a number of social media sites in advance. It ensures that your channel keeps publishing fresh content even if you are not available to do it manually.

3. Automating Video Optimisation

So, you have uploaded the video, but that is not all. To optimize it according to YouTube’s algorithm, you also need to give it a title, description, and hashtags.

Now a lot of content creation teams offer their own optimization services. However, if the agreement you had with them does not have them send the title, description, and keywords for ranking the content, you might have to do it yourself.

For a fully automated YouTube channel, use online generation tools for each video element. 

Here is a list of tools that will help you optimize your video automatically:

The best part is, most of these tools are free to use, and for some of them, you do not even have to register an account; all you have to do is go to the website, enter your video information and get an optimized title, description, or hashtag in just one click.

4. Marketing and Promotion

Back in the day, getting views and subscribers organically was a near-impossible task. Perhaps the easiest way to give your channel a little push is promoting it across other social media platforms (also within YouTube) with paid advertisements.

You can either hire a marketing agency and let them handle it or use automation tools like TubeBuddy and Napoleon Cat to automate this process. We recommend opting for a marketing agency. 

While tools can do the work equally efficiently, you still have to generate campaign ideas and manage ads. On the other hand, a marketing agency will only require your channel goals from your end. They will take care of the rest to help you achieve those milestones. Moreover, if automation is your primary concern, agencies offer much more independence than tools. 

Benefits of Youtube Automation

YouTube automation is an entirely different ball game that can baffle even experienced creators, but it’s a fruitful venture to pursue.

Here are some benefits of YouTube automation:

  • It helps you start a profitable YouTube channel with little to no experience
  • Make money without spending much time on building a channel
  • Guaranteed success, and that too, without going through the typical trial and error phase
  • Hassle-free content creation and promotion. Reap the benefits of having a remote team without having to manage one.

Final Thoughts

If you seek financial independence, passive income is the answer. It’s also crucial that you identify platforms that offer the right resources to generate a passive income,

 and YouTube is one of them. 

A video once uploaded on YouTube will continue to get views for years to come, especially if it’s relevant for every generation. The only thing you need to worry about is automating your YouTube channel so that it runs without any external supervision. After all, a passive income isn’t worth the effort if you have to slog at it full-time 9 to 5.

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