How To Make $50 A Day On Amazon MTurk

$50 a day is a lucrative prospect, especially when you don’t have to toil for it all, given how easy and reliable it is with Amazon’s MTurk. MTurk is short for Mechanical Turk, where you can become, well, a Turker. What does the job entail? You will have to complete menial tasks required by global sellers. 

Technology has automated almost every task under the roof — focus on the word ALMOST. Still, there are some jobs that require human intelligence or HIT. HIT stands for Human Intelligence Tasks and Amazon MTurk is a platform that provides tens and thousands of HITs at one place for individuals to complete them in exchange for money. 

Tasks include surveys fetching personal opinions, transcription, gathering information, etc. This ultimate guide will tell you all about making a living via MTurk, so make sure you read until the end to soak in all the information.

How To Maximize Your Earning Potential On Amazon Mturk?

So the goal is to earn $50, eventually, but it is not something you can start at. That said, do not be discouraged as it is not very difficult. 

You would need to slowly build up your profile and make it strong so that you can unlock high-paying jobs. Start with accumulating as many small jobs as you can initially. 

Complete the tasks by following all instructions carefully. This will give you a high approval rate; an approval rate of at least 94% is good, but 99% is what you should aim for since it can significantly fast-track your success as a Turker. 

Once you have completed around 500-1000 HITs, your profile will be given a much higher rank, giving you higher earning potential. But once you have the magical number of 5000, that $50 mark shouldn’t evade you for too long. 

When completing tasks, notice how much time it takes you to complete them. For example, if a job is 20 cents and takes you 4 minutes to complete, you can complete 15 similar tasks an hour which is $3/hour. 

Keep in mind that these would only be your initial numbers, and soon you can unlock 40 cents jobs too. Considering that a 40 cent job takes the same time — 4 minutes, you would be earning $6/hour, so if you work only 5 hours in a day, that is a good $30. Throw in some surveys to the mix, and you can go up to $50.

What Kind Of Jobs Can You Get On Amazon Mturk?

The three most common jobs available on the platform are as follows:

1. Surveys

Surveys usually require only a few minutes to complete. They are one of the easiest tasks to complete, and you must give them a better shot, at least when starting out. Moreover, there are surveys on multiple topics, and the platform even allows filtering surveys to help you choose. 

2. Search Engine Descriptions

Search engine description includes searching for specific keywords on the search engines and providing the seller with the list of keywords that appear. Although it’s research-based, it doesn’t take a lot of time.

3. Transcription

Transcription requires listening to an audio file and transcribing it. If you are a fast typist or have tried your hand at transcribing before, this should be a piece of cake for you. 

Other jobs include gathering information, data verification, data processing, video editing, and data entry; you are free to choose any according to your comfort. 

Tips & Tricks To Become A Pro Turker 

The following tips will help you constantly be updated about the platform and the jobs so that you never miss an earning opportunity:

Add Browser Extension And Scripts

Seasoned turkers do not sit in front of their computers 12 hours a day waiting for job opportunities to pop up. Instead, they add browser extensions to scan and filter tasks according to what they’re looking for. 

Scripts allow you to look for jobs with specific set parameters, such as a certain payment threshold or a job requiring a particular skill. 

We strongly recommend not installing automated extensions or scripts to complete tasks on your behalf. It goes against the service policy of Amazon Mturk and can ban your profile. 

Join MTurk Forums

Scanning through forums where all other Turkers share their experiences and thoughts is one of the most important things you can do as a Turker. There are numerous forums on the internet about Mturk, including Reddit forums, websites, Quora, Facebook groups, etc., which continually post about job opportunities on MTurk. Join them to always stay updated about Mturk jobs. 

The forums also serve as a support community if you have any questions. It even posts information about maximizing your earnings which can help you in your turking journey. 

Login During Peak Hours

No one can stay logged in and glued to the computer at all times, especially since it is a global platform. So, the best strategy would be to select a timezone that is comfortable for you and stay logged in from 9 to 5 on weekdays. It will significantly improve your odds of finding what you’re looking for.

Indeed, most of the top HITs are available only for a limited time on any given day, but if you stick to the schedule mentioned above, sooner or later, you’ll have a job!

Beware Of Scammers

Amazon Mturk is a legitimate platform providing outsourcing services to businesses and earning potential to individuals. Amazon tries its best to maintain the decorum of MTurk, but such is life; there will always be scammers looking to deceive people. 

If any job asks you to provide personal information like your name, address, or card details, it’s not a good idea to pursue them further. Moreover, accept HITs only from high-rated requesters, ensuring that you get paid promptly. 

Another way to steer clear of fraudsters is to check the job provider and their reviews. If the provider has high approval ratings and frequently posts jobs or has at least posted a few in the past, they can be considered trustworthy. As a rule of thumb, stay away from clients with bad reviews even if they offer an excellent pay rate. 

Build Trust

As stated earlier, you need to continue working on your profile. Rake in as many jobs as you reasonably can and high approval rates. The higher the numbers are, the higher you would be paid for jobs. Be patient, as it will take time. Once you have a strong enough profile, earning $50 a day as a side hustle will be a cakewalk. 

Take Advantage Of Batch HITs

Batch HITs include at least 20 tasks that need to be completed together; they can also be a batch of 100 jobs assigned all at once. These jobs usually have higher pay rates and can quickly add to your profile numbers. 

Learn New Skills 

If you find yourself skipping jobs often because you do not know how to do it, maybe it’s time to learn new skills so that you can do as many tasks as possible and earn more. 

Stay Consistent

If you put in the time and effort, Amazon MTurk may be a terrific way of boosting your income. The secret to earning $50 a day on MTurk is to be consistent on the platform. The more HITs you complete, the faster you will earn and the better you will be at identifying ones that will provide you the best return. 


Long story short, indeed, it is possible to earn money from Amazon MTurk as a beginner legitimately, but it will take time. You will need to learn how to use the Amazon MTurk website, its dashboard, and all the different tasks that the platform offers.

If you want to learn how to do HITs on Amazon MTurk, the best thing to do is start reading the Amazon MTurk forum. Many people on the forum are willing to help beginners learn how to do HITs for money, so what are you waiting for, hop on!


How Much Can You Earn With MTurk?

You can earn anywhere between $30 to $50, or even more, from your Mturk account. Just ensure you are saying YES to easy tasks with at least 35-40 cents payout so that you are averaging around $8/hour. This would mean that if you work for approximately 6 hours a day, you will easily hit your goal. Also, keep your approval rates high and complete as many HITs as you can to get higher-paying jobs.

How Many HITs Can You Do A Day On Mturk?

There is no limit to how many HITs you can complete in one day. It entirely depends on you and your capabilities. Do you see it as a full-time or part-time job? 

How Does One Get Paid On Mturk?

Getting paid with Mturk is straightforward. There are two ways to do it; you can link your bank account, which can take around four days for approval. Or, you can opt for Amazon gift cards. Note that you need to have at least $1 in your Mturk account to withdraw your funds. 

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