Facebook Automated Rules: Types of Facebook Ad Automation

Facebook is, undoubtedly, one of the most powerful social media platforms today. It has the ability to connect you with an audience worldwide, stimulating your business’s growth exponentially.

Using Facebook ads for your business is an excellent choice. In fact, many businesses, whether big or small, have started navigating the potential of Facebook ads to broaden their audience and enhance their market share. But did you know you can increase your ads’ effectiveness and streamline your campaigns without even lifting a finger? The answer is Facebook ad automation!

If you are a business wanting to advertise on Facebook, this article will tell you a lot about what Facebook ads are, how and why they can be helpful, the Facebook automation rules, and much more.

Facebook Ads vs Automated Facebook Ads

Facebook allows businesses to advertise their products on its platform. While traditional advertising fails on many fronts to efficiently target prospective customers, Facebook allows businesses to display their advertisements to only users that meet specific predetermined criteria determined, increasing the ad’s performance and convertibility.

However, you will have to acquire abundant knowledge to tweak an ad campaign to maximize its outcome manually. While it may not sound a lot at first, it can take a lot more than just toggling the advertisement specifics.

Facebook took the entire advertisement arena up a notch by resorting to automation in 2019. It introduced automated ads, which involve artificial intelligence and machine learning to help businesses run ads seamlessly.

This took the onus of maintaining ad campaigns away from the businesses – they no longer had to put in the effort of creating extensive ad campaigns, and neither did they have to spend enormous amounts of time and money on bidding, monitoring, and updating the campaign.

Types of Automation Within Facebook Ad Campaigns

You can automate various segments of a Facebook ad campaign. Here are the various kinds of automation available for Facebook ad campaigns:

Schedules For Ad Sets

Ads can perform notoriously on a particular day or at a specific time within a day. Running your ads nonstop isn’t a sure shot way to success. With Facebook automated ads, you can schedule ad sets for certain times suited to your needs – run ads only during their golden window and not forever.


You can automate the optimization rules where the AI will decide for you if certain ads need to be kept running or paused. For example, if an ad has too high a CPC, the ad creative will automatically pause it.

Return On Ad Spend Rules

The Automated Rules can help you control how much you spend on your ads. You can set up rules where ads are paused if they fall below your Return on Ad Spend or if the cost is twice the purchase amount.

Performance Alerts

You can also receive automated emails with details about the performance of certain ads, ad sets, or campaigns, including high or low CTR, expenditure, performance trends, and other metrics.

How Automated Ads Help You In Your Facebook Ad Campaign?

Facebook automated ad campaigns bestow numerous benefits on businesses, some of which are:

Smart Recommendation

Facebook AI uses machine learning to understand a business’s advertising needs and objectives. If you initiate an ad campaign, you will be asked a few questions about your business, and accordingly, the AI will recommend you with ad sets.

Varying Designs

You can choose up to six different templates for your ads. You’ll also be given recommendations for additional Call To Action buttons, information from your business page, and much more.

Moreover, you can run all six ad versions at the same time. Watch each ad’s performance for some time, keep the best-performing ones, and turn off the rest!

Saves Time

One of the main reasons businesses prefer Facebook’s automated ads is that it is fast and seamless. Sellers do not need to guess what may or may not work for their ads – the AI predicts it all. Business owners can now spend their time doing other essential things than scouring for the right way to advertise.

Intelligent Recommendations

Facebook AI recommends the correct audience for you based on your business page, people near your business, and the likes of people associated with your business page. Moreover, it’ll also tell you the ideal budget for your ad campaign to generate maximum results.

Easy Customization

Facebook automated ads allow for quick tweaks. Once the ads are live for some time, and a few metrics have been received, you can tweak the ads accordingly. Moreover, you can also delete the ads, increase the budget for the best-performing ones, or change target groups for ads.

Monitor Sudden Drops In Performance

As mentioned earlier, you can track your active ads’ performance (both short and long term). For example, you can check the metrics for the past two and seven days. Comparing short and long-term metrics can reveal if the performance of an ad has declined, improved, or remained constant.

You can also zero in on the exact time and reason for which there might be a decline. These are especially helpful for expensive ads with high conversion rates.

Monitor Ad Sets Performance

Use the active ad manager to monitor a specific ad set – find out if it has given you the expected conversion and at what CPR. For example, if an ad has given you one $50 sale, but you spent $100 on it, the ad has a declining performance. It’d be wise to pause such an ad.

It’s apparent that you can micro-manage every sector of your business advertisements on Facebook using automated ads. Perhaps this is why automated ads have gained so much popularity in recent times.

More businesses and entrepreneurs have been using automated ads to ensure their businesses survive the cutthroat competition and churn in maximum profits.

What Are Facebook Automated Rules?

Facebook Automated Rules are a part of the Facebook automated ads and a tool that can be very useful for businesses advertising on Facebook.

These computerized rules are nothing but a group of measures pre-fixed by business owners to perform a particular action when an ad campaign meets the rule’s condition. These conditions keep running in the background and enforce the consequences when requirements are met.

The Facebook Automated Rules can be applied to all ads, ad sets, or campaigns. If there are any changes to these conditions, an automated notification is instantly sent to you. It gives you the ultimate control over the ads with the ability to micromanage the campaign.

The Rules can also take specific actions for you if required. To achieve that, you have to first create a rule that includes the following steps:

  • Select a factor that can affect your ad
  • Choose the action to be taken if the element does affect your ad in actuality
  • Select the ad, ad set, or campaign on which you want the rule to be effective

The process is extremely easy and takes the pain away from continuously monitoring your ad sets and their performance.

Who Should Use Facebook Automated Rules?

Do you also find yourself pausing low-performing ads, increasing bids on certain ads, stitching advertisements for a particular day, expanding the company’s budget for advertisements throughout the day? In that case, the Facebook Automation Rules are the best solution for you.

Back in 2019, when Facebook first launched its Automated ads, it stated that such ads were essential for small businesses. Facebook claimed that it understood that small companies do not have the resources to run full-fledged ad campaigns; hence, Facebook was willing to do it for them.

These rules help businesses by suggesting the best ad formats, audience, and budget. Previously, companies had to conduct thorough and sometimes expensive research and try various ad sets before finding the right one – an exhausting process for most, if not all, small businesses.

Automated ads provide the perfect solution to all such problems. That said, medium or large enterprises too can use automated ads on Facebook to their advantage.

Simply put, every business, irrespective of its size, can benefit from automated Facebook ads. Still, it’s more helpful to small businesses who don’t have the necessary skillset and money to execute it on their own.


It is no secret that Facebook automated ads are the answer to running high volume and converting ads. We hope you now know all the tips and tricks for introducing automated ads into your business.

Tools such as Brightpearl, Skubana, SellerApp, Sendy, among others, will automate everything from inventory management to customer service for you – they’ll only take a small percentage of your profits, and you’d practically be making money while you sleep.

Nonetheless, if you find it difficult to set up automated ad campaigns or if you cannot figure out how to optimize them, you can always hire professionals to automate your Facebook ad campaigns on your behalf!

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