April 23, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions For employment and Job hiring subsidary YaaZe.com

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YaaZe FAQs

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How did YaaZe.com start?

YaaZe.com’s founder felt there were few websites targeting people looking for temp, part-time or freelance work and wanted to fill this voiddong fang qi mo. A site like Craigslist was too large in scope and not specific enough for job seekers looking for work immediately, close to home, or during specific hours or days of the week.

What is ?

YaaZe.com is a virtual resume and portfolio hosting site that allows employers to search

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for staff by skill set, ZIP code and availability. It’s one of the most specific and effective employee searches on the web today. By making elements such as ‘hours of availability’ and ‘location’ searchable, YaaZe.com saves both employees and job seekers valuable timedong fang qi mo.


How does compare with other job search/classified websites?

On YaaZe.com, a job seekers’ online profile provides employers with practically all the information they need up front (picture, resume, work samples, hours of availability, location, salary expectations). This information is also searchable, making it easy for employers to target qualified candidates. This saves job seekers and employers copious amounts of time. YaaZe.com’s FREE for people searching for work and much cheaper for employers than CareerBuilder, Linked In & Monster with the added convenience of YaaZe’s advanced search engine. Also, unlike many career sites that force job seekers to define themselves in one way, YaaZe.com allows employees to list multiple skills or areas of expertise.

Why can’t I upload my resume?

Manually entering your resume into the Employment History section of your profile breaks down key terms and information, allowing YaaZe.com’s search function to become more effective and specific. This makes it easier for relevant employers to find and contact you.  Also, you can always copy and paste your entire resume into one Employment History field, although we recommend breaking it down job-by-job for the best results.

Why haven’t I been hired yet?

YaaZe.com is a resource for job seekers and employers. It does not guarantee employment. However, we do firmly believe that YaaZe.com can assist the employment process by providing exposure, ePortfolios, and advanced search functions to our members, all free of charge. If you haven’t heard from potential employers yet, please know that our PR team is working round the clock to make sure YaaZe.com receives maximum attention from local employers and recruiting agencies. We’re also counting on you, our current members, to help spread the word with the “Share” function you can display your Resume Profile to all your friends on Facebook or Myspace and help increase employment opportunities by spreading word of the site to local businesses within your community.

What if I am having trouble using the site?

Contact us directly at Steven@yaaze.com

What if I want to hire someone for a job?

Click ‘hire’ on that person’s profile page and send them a message directly.

What is the future of 

YaaZe.com hopes to build trusted, local communities propagating the concept of ‘’  and further improve the quality of our search service.

How can I delete my YaaZe.com account?

We’re currently working on a feature that will deactivate and delete accounts. In the meantime, we suggest you enter “Currently Occupied” under your “Availability” to notify employers that you are not looking for work. We encourage members to keep their profiles active so they can continue to network within the YaaZe.com community as we continue to expand and add additional features to the site. If there is private information you would like to hide , you can simply delete it so noone will have access to it.


April 9, 2009

A Kind Word About Photo Uploads

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Jobless Diva here wanting to give you a *little* lecture about uploading photos on YaaZe.com. YaaZe.com’s an employment portal, meaning photos of you in that too-tight cars jumping castle sydney bikini or naked in your bath tub are a BAD idea.

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The best way to utilize photos on your YaaZe profile is in a way that makes you look polished and professional, contributing in a positive way to your overall resume. For example, if you’re an actress, a professional headshot puts a face to your name while lending credibility Water Park. If you’re a graphic designer, a tasteful photo of yourself can be useful, but photo uploads should primarily be viagra to showcase your work. If you’re a skydiving instructor, images of you taking a tumble make sense. If you’re a waitress, they don’t.

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The best way to use photos is to make them an extension of your resume. For example, if you’re a web designer, upload screenshots of sites you’ve created. Images like these give your ePortfolio immediate credibility.

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While I encourage YaaZe members to upload images as soon as they join since it’s a sure-fire way to get noticed by employers, the photo you select is not a decision to be taken lightly. Precisely because your photo is the first thing (and maybe ONLY thing) an employer’s going to notice about comfortable Adrenaline Maze your profile, think carefully about the message your sending. We’ve all heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. In this sense, your profile photo is a visual representation of your CV, encompassing all the information your resume does in a still photo. Get creative!

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If you’re a babysitter, a photo of you with the kids of last family you nannied for will make it quickly obvious to potential employers that you’re great with kids and have experience.

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If you won ‘employee of the month’ at the last restaurant you worked at, a photo of that plaque might serve you better than a random snapshot.

Yes, we all love personal pics, but that’s what Facebook and MySpace are for. My advice – on YaaZe.com think out-of-the-box to ensure your photo says something about your professional skills.

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February 28, 2009

Social Employment in New York City

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Hi all,

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Jobless Diva here.

Hopefully, you’re enjoying YaaZe.com’s updates and improvements and are still sending questions, comments or concerns my way. Those of you that have shared success stories about your job search, thank you! Those are my absolute favorite emails to read. Any members that need assistance setting up their profile so they can get noticed too, just email me.

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My “Right Now” Tips For Getting Noticed:

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  • Include the services you offer on your profile. If you don’t fill out this box, employers can’t search for you. Also, YaaZe doesn’t limit you to just one service. If you’re a waitress, flame thrower, and skydiving instructor, be sure to put all three

    skills down!

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  • Post images! Don’t be shy! It’s helpful for recruiters to put a face to a name and definitely makes you memorable. If you’re a designer or artist, post pictures of your work. A picture-rich profile truly helps you stand out.
  • List your past experience. Copying and pasting the work experience from your resume into the ‘employment history’ box on your YaaZe profile takes moments and can be the defining factor in getting noticed by employers. Outlining your qualifications legitimizes you. Some employers may even feel comfortable hiring you on the spot!
  • Share your YaaZe page with existing contacts and any potential employers. Your individual profile can be found at http://www.yaaze.com/username

    Add this weblink to your traditional resume, query letters or business cards to publicize your ePortfolio.

Despite the economy, there are job opportunities out there. Consider me and YaaZe.com your personal employment consultant. We may be in New York, but YaaZe’s spreading throughout the country.

As we grow, know that we’re thinking far beyond the scope of a typical employment or networking site. We’re here to pioneer the idea of  ‘social employment

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.’ This is a brand new concept and BIG news. Check out our latest press release below to learn more.

February 2009

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- The next big name on the Internet is here: YaaZe.com.

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Having originally launched in New York in January 2009 and now expanding to the entire U.S., YaaZe.com is a website utilizing Web 2.0 technology

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to revolutionize the way people search for jobs and create trusted, local communities.

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The site’s unique online ePortfolios

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, which attracted 5,500 members in the first week of the site’s launch, make it possible for employers to target ideal candidates with greater precision than any other employment site. By incorporating factors like hours of availability, location by ZIP-code (NOT city), experience, interactive media and salary expectations/requirements, the amount of information obtained through a YaaZe.com search is in many ways equivalent to a one-hour interview

. This leaves little room for error when committing to meet a person face-to-face.

YaaZe.com is the first online employment site dedicated to pioneering Social Employment - the combination of trusted, local networks powered by a ZIP-code based search coalesced with a database of ePortfolios

encompassing interactive features above and beyond the scope of a tradition resume.This methodology makes a YaaZe.com search more twenty-times more precise than Craigslist.org and unlike Moster.com, allows members to communicate with one another directly in real time. The best part: YaaZe.com is FREE.

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Although YaaZe.com has only been live for one month, its member database is growing exponentially day-by-day. YaaZe’s job seekers already boast over 500 different services offered for employers to search for. The advanced search capabilities and networking element of Social Employment on YaaZe.com saves both job seekers and employers’ valuable time by getting all the information they need immediately, upfront.

Check out to learn more about Web 2.0 and Social Employment redefining the way people connect and find work!

For more information, please feel free to contact us:

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Press Inquiries:

Jane Lerman

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L.E.R. Public Relations

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February 5, 2009

You Talk, We Listen

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Hello YaaZe Members,

You’ve talked and we’re listening!

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Thanks for all your feedback these past few days. YaaZe’s on its way to becoming your always open New York employment office, and I’m downing a lot of Starbucks to make it happen. We’re busy incorporating all the great notes you’ve given inflatable water walking ball us and are performing quality assurance to make sure your needs get met fast. Soon, we’ll have conquered all the bugs and can begin implementing new features.

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Troubleshooting the availability feature in your profiles was by far the biggest request, and we heard you loud and clear. I’m on it! Rest assured that our advanced web 2.0 design will be seamless at the end of this process, it’s just not the simplest thing to create ;) We’re pulling all-nighters working out the kinks and once it’s all live, we’ll be joyously notifying all members via the email newsletter.

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In addition, we’re troubleshooting features such as the contact list in your profile page, the photo uploader (as well as a mass upload function), our feedback form, and continuing to advance our zip code search service. We’ll also be implementing an easier-to-use profile landing pages as well as providing RSS feeds for our members so you can notify contacts about your job status automatically. That’s networking at its best!

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Whether you’re looking for a hip, downtown job in an art gallery or a bartending gig in northern NYC, give YaaZe.com a try. It’s only going to get better from this point forward.

Current members: We couldn’t have come this far without your faith and patience, and we still need your help! Send any comments, feedback, hate mail, rants, or life problems in general to me, the Jobless Diva at diva@yaaze.com Our feedback forms are also open 24-7. Our goal is to create the ideal local community online, so tell me your vision and I’ll make it reality.

That’s all for now. Waving at you from downtown Manhattan,

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The Jobless Diva

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January 12, 2009

Local Search Simplicity - Yaaze.com

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Dear Valued Member east inflatables blog,

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Welcome to YaaZe.com, your one stop shop for zip code based job searching.

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My name is Jen, but I go by The Jobless Diva. Be sure to check out this blog for my employment tips and to make sure you get the inside scoop as we continue to update and expand YaaZe.com. I’ll also be notifying you about new features within our site as well as any event planning. If there is any feature you’d like to request, please let me know and I’ll be sure to inform the right people ;)

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I’m also here to provide help if anyone needs assistance setting up their profile. Soon we’ll be visiting local bars and restaurants, hosting events and providing instruction on how to use YaaZe.com. If you fill out your profile completely, it’ll also have the opportunity to be featured and listed on the site and our weekly newsletter. Whether you’re a freelancer, bartender, waitress, graphic or web designer, manager or college grad, let YaaZe improve your job search by connecting you with the right employer.

Thanks for bearing with us we bring YaaZe.com to the next level. Be sure to check back often and send any feedback about YaaZe.com my way.

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Here to Help!  - The Jobless Diva

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