Best Amazon Automation Tools For Your eCommerce Store

Undoubtedly, selling on Amazon is an uphill task; it’s also challenging to keep track of all business processes once your business takes off. Do you think it’s possible to sit down and note every customer who ordered certain products, their addresses, your inventory, and much more on any given day? Certainly NOT!

Nevertheless, with Amazon automation tools, you can get rid of the headache of toggling between most of the day-to-day seller account tasks. If you are an Amazon seller, the chances are that you have already heard about them. And if you haven’t, well, you’re at the right place!

In this ultimate guide, you’ll learn all about Amazon Automation tools, their uses, and the best tools you can use to grow your business exponentially.

What Are Amazon Automation Tools?

Amazon automation tools are software and automatic digital platforms that seamlessly integrate with Amazon and help sellers reduce overhead costs by cutting down on labor and saving time by automating the various business processes.

These automation tools also cover all the integral business segments ranging from inventory management and order fulfillment to tracking shipments.

How To Use Amazon Automation Tools To Grow Your Business?

As mentioned earlier, it’s time-consuming to monitor and manage your Amazon business manually. Even making a list of all such tasks has the potential to exhaust you, let alone performing and managing them.

However, the entire process can be automated without hiring extra labor or a third-party service provider. Automation tools take care of redundant tasks like listing the products, keeping track of orders, shipment, among others.

Many automation tools help Amazon sellers with all the above-stated business processes for a small fee – either percentage or flat.

Best Amazon Automation Tools

Having learned of the existence of automation tools is definitely a start, but zeroing in on a competent tool out of hundreds of options is a task on its own. Here we’ve penned down the best automation tools for six crucial business segments: inventory management, order fulfillment, advertising, email marketing, pricing, and customer service.

Inventory Management

Inventory is one of the most integral parts of an Amazon business, and it is essential to manage it efficiently. Like most business processes, automation helps you efficiently manage your inventory, negating the possibility of human errors and allowing for easy traceability.

Best inventory management tools:


Brightpearl is a digital platform, a one-stop-shop for all multichannel retailers. It allows for seamless automation of all business operations and inventory management.

It has an inbuilt Amazon integration system that automatically updates orders, inventories, and financials, making it easy for sellers to keep track of all such data and never under or oversell their products.


Sellbrite allows automatic integration with Amazon, giving sellers the ability to track their listings, inventory, shipping, or any other reporting for the Amazon marketplace.

However, the software falls short if the seller wants automation on partial fulfillment or drop shipping or very high order volume. So, the software is best suited for small or medium-scale Amazon sellers.


Orderhive is an affordable digital platform that can integrate with many sales channels other than Amazon, an added benefit. Standout features of the software include automated order sync across all channels, tracking inventory using unique SKUs, managing all orders at one place, and ease of conducting business. Moreover, it can also manage all international Amazon websites’ orders simultaneously.

Order Fulfillment

Keeping track of orders and fulfilling them effectively is one of the primary concerns of an Amazon seller. Automate this process using any one of the following automation tools:


Skubana is one of the best eCommerce additional software. It’s multichannel and uses a cloud-based platform to create a seamless flow between orders, purchases, and inventory. Moreover, it also tracks shipment, routing, and delivery and provides solutions to almost every significant eCommerce order fulfillment problem.


Linnworks allows for the unification and alignment of all data, including sales, order processing, shipment, inventory, and tracking. A standout feature of this software is that it automatically sends tracking updates to the necessary channel up front for easy access.


Expandly is a digital operations platform that is excellent for integration across various channels and allows the sellers to manage their listings, orders, shipment, and inventory. Moreover, the platform is budget-friendly and has a top-notch customer support service.


Needless to say, Amazon is a merciless place for sellers. Characterized by cut-throat competition, Amazon has made it indispensable to use various advertising strategies to stay visible and constantly rake in profits. The best automation tools for Amazon advertising include:

Helium 10

This is an all-inclusive platform for Amazon sellers with multiple tools that target specific areas of Amazon advertising. One of the tools of Helium 10 is Atomic, which resorts to Artificial Intelligence to secure profit maximization. The software also provides the exact keywords customers search for that smoothen the process.


SellerApp is an excellent platform for all Amazon-related marketing needs. Its PPC Analyzer allows users to control all aspects of their advertising campaigns. The tool also uses machine learning to help maximize the Return on Investment (ROI).


Flywheel is an extension of Teikametrics and integrates seamlessly with Amazon to provide insights on different ad campaigns that garner interest for a business or product. The digital platform uses self-learning-based AI tech to recognize unique keywords for bidding to help generate new customers.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an affordable and effective marketing method commonly used by Amazon sellers. Amazon’s Simple Email Service (SES) allows sellers to send and receive simple emails using hosting domains and personal email addresses. The popular automation tools available for this service are:


BigMailer is a hosted email marketing platform that helps users manage transactional campaigns, unlimited brands, and bulk emails. Alternatively, you can also use the drag and drop feature or simple HTML editor for creating mobile-friendly email templates. And if you don’t have the time or skills to create a custom template, simply resort to the numerous other template options BigMailer provides.

The sellers also gain insights into engagements and campaign success. The platform also has excellent customer support, and you can usually expect replies within minutes.


Sendy is also a hosted platform that allows buyers to send bulk emails at a throwaway price. For 10,000 messages sent using Amazon SES, you only pay $1. The platform is easy to use and integrate – you can manage numerous emails from one account itself.

Email Octopus

Email Octopus is the tool for you if you want an easy-to-use tool that integrates into different channels has a simple email marketing campaign and landing page builder and segmentation features.


Even if your product ranks the highest on a particular product page, you won’t be able to score as many sales as you possibly can if your prices aren’t optimized.

That said, you shouldn’t look to sell the cheapest product but the most valuable. Your product should justify its price, and customers will readily pay for it. If adequate pricing concerns you, here are the tools you should be looking at:


Book is an AI-based repricing tool that helps you effortlessly change the prices of your listings. The tool uses its AI to curate repricing strategies for Amazon sellers to target specific competitors on Amazon, increase profits, and maximize sales.


This platform helps Amazon sellers gain insights into winning the Buy Box, a guaranteed way to get sales on Amazon. It allows the users to change their listings’ pricing at will.

You can also use a previous template to automate your repricing strategy. Moreover, RepricerExpress provides a 14-day free demo for new users.


RepriceIt allows Amazon sellers to automatically and simultaneously reprice all listings and win the Buy Box every time. It is an extremely flexible inventory pricing platform that enables sellers to tailor their pricing strategies according to their own business models. Apart from this, the tool is quite easy to use, and even a newbie can use the tool without any difficulty.

Customer Service

Simply put, customer service can make it or break it for your business. Good customer support goes a long way in increasing brand loyalty, reputation, and overall product and service quality. The following automation tools help businesses provide seamless customer service:


eDesk integrates with multiple channels and resolves customer queries efficiently by compiling all received messages in a single inbox. The platform is also AI-supported, making automating customer support a breeze.


Amazon is one of the biggest online marketplaces that empowers millions of sellers across the globe to rake in profits from the comfort of their homes without having to rent, buy, or run a store physically. You can sell almost anything on Amazon, provided you have the necessary know-how to navigate and steer past your competitors selling the same products.

As a result, it has become necessary for Amazon business owners to integrate automation tools with their seller accounts to streamline and expedite their business processes to gain a competitive edge. We hope the above list of automation tools has given you a clear idea of which tool to pick to automate each business segment.

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