Benefits of Choosing A Walmart Automation Company: Set Up Your Walmart Automation Store is the digital extension of the famous walk-in Walmart stores. To expand their businesses further, this multinational retail corporation launched the Walmart Marketplace in 2009. Third-party sellers can now sell their products on, complementing the ongoing offerings provided by the first-party brands to customers.  

Today, Walmart Marketplace comprises thousands of sellers. The platform has several categories covering everything from electronics to fashion and much more. Plus, it’s turning out to be a reliable sales channel for small and big sellers across the globe. 

With more and more people resorting to online shopping as their quick and easy shopping solution, there has been a considerable surge (over 75 percent in 2020) in the eCommerce growth of this platform. Since its inception, Walmart Marketplace has evolved almost exponentially and has moved to automation. 

In this article, we have highlighted all the essential aspects related to this online retail supercenter. So read until the end! You’ll learn about the benefits and cost of setting up an automation business on this platform, process, and more.

What Is Walmart Automation Business?

Walmart’s automation business is nothing but a Walmart marketplace where all the processes are automated. Integration of automation in the procedures has relieved the sellers of manual working. 

Plus, it has freed up both money and time, which can be invested in its growth and multiplying the revenue. The best thing about an automation business is that sellers can earn money even when they aren’t working actively on their business. 

Why Opt For A Walmart Automation Store?

Is Walmart automation worth it? Check the list below to know about the advantages you can reap from having a Walmart automation store.

Opportunity To Connect With A Broader Community Of Buyers 

An automated Walmart marketplace will give you access to a vast audience. You’ll have a new customer base at your disposal that may not be possible otherwise. Walmart is a globally recognized retail store with numerous product categories. It’s a go-to option for millions of shoppers. Sellers can leverage this traffic by selling their products on Plus, you’ll be saved from facing the hassle of establishing an audience.

Walmart Marketplace allows only a selected number of sellers to sell on its platform. Sellers offering high-quality products and capable of providing excellent customer service at competitive prices are allowed to sell on the forum. As a result, sellers face less competition, getting higher visibility for their listings.

The Low-Cost Pricing Structure For Sellers 

Walmart dominates the market because of its low prices for both sellers and customers. Automation speeds up the entire sales process and makes the work more efficient. The marketplace uses a simple pricing structure with zero setup charges and monthly fees. 

Walmart charges sellers only a reasonable referral fee for every completed purchase. Moreover, the charges vary from one category to another, but it’s around 8 to 15 percent on average. 

Allows You To Focus On Running Your Business

It’s challenging to manage all the aspects of a business on your own. There are chances that you may miss out on some crucial issues. Walmart automation can put various duties on auto mode and focus on the problems that require an immediate solution.

Generate Money While You Are On Vacations 

The best thing about Walmart automation is that it allows sellers to churn out revenue passively. Now no more canceling vacations or getaways with family and friends to run your Walmart shop online. The automated system manages the store efficiently 24×7 while handling inventory management, customer service, and order fulfillment. 

Scaling The Business Becomes A Lot Easier

Sellers can create new goods and make crucial company decisions as Walmart Automation Company handles day-to-day business activities. The online store is sure to reach the peaks of success with the guided presence of professionals. 

How To Set Up Walmart Automation Business? 

If you think it’s complex to set up a Walmart automation business, think again! A Walmart automation service provider dropships the product that sellers want from their supplier and sells it on behalf of the seller’s Walmart automated store for profit.

But first, you need to set up your store by following the process listed below:

1. Setting Up The Account

Look for a Walmart Automation Company that can help you set up a seller account on the platform. The team will help you with the account setup process, which entails the following:

  • Filling W-9 form
  • Getting an employee I.D. Number
  • Applying for tax exemption (if any)
  • Receipt of E.I.N. verification letter issued by Department of Treasury
  • Applying for a Walmart business account
  • Submitting credit card application
  • Strategizing for product catalog integration.

Remember that you’ll need a substantial one-time upfront investment to scale your store–new sellers need a reasonable amount of capital for product purchases. Note that the Walmart automation store cost will depend on sellers’ schemes. Moreover, these schemes differ from one service provider to the other as per their services. 

2. Arranging Cost Of Setting Up The Store

A seller is required to arrange a minimum of $10,000 in credit to set up their Walmart automated store. Most service providers recommend that their clients maintain the balance of at least $50,000 for scaling up their account to a six-figure income in the first month itself. The lesser the amount you invest, the fewer the items you can buy for your store. 

3. Obtain LLC 

The automation company helps their clients (potential Walmart sellers) to obtain an L.L.C. This will work as your ticket to selling products on the Walmart marketplace. 

4. Get D.U.N.S. Number

D.U.N.S. is a number for identifying businesses based on a specific location, and it’s fairly easy to obtain this nine-digit number. Visit and give a call on the given number to place a request for obtaining one such number. 

Moreover, it’s cost-free. Next, you need to provide this number to your Walmart automation service provider along with the documents in point #1. 

Partnering With A Walmart Automation Company

Sellers can manage their automated Walmart store in several ways. You can directly list the products and catalog on the platform after setting up the seller account using the Bulk Upload or API option. 

However, consider getting into a partnership with a service provider if you need help with catalog upload, inventory management, or any other related task. Walmart partners offer the best solutions and trusted support for various services, including inventory, item setup, pricing, order fulfillment, etc. 

Benefits Of Choosing A Walmart Automation Company

Feel free to conduct the entire process independently if you don’t wish to partner with the service provider, although it’s not recommended, and we’ll tell you why!


The most trusted and reliable service providers offer transparent services. They provide a clear scope and agenda of their services. They will also give you an exact idea of the cost of availing of their services. 

Make sure to look for reputed service providers who deliver what they promise. Find out whether they are honest about the fees and the deliverables. It’s best to check the experiences and testimonials of previous clients when choosing a Walmart automation company for your store. Go through the videos from their previous or current clients (which are most likely featured in the testimonial section of the service provider’s site).

No Fake Promises Of Overnight Success 

You will find that reputed service providers don’t promise unrealistic claims. Quick or overnight success in Walmart’s automation business is a mirage; it just doesn’t exist! You need to understand that it’s an investment. 

A genuine service provider will paint you a clear picture of the Walmart automation business with its pros and limitations and promise to grow your business gradually. That said, a Walmart automation company should guarantee a certain return on investment. After all, they’ve been doing it for years and should know the business and attached returns inside out.

Expertise And Experience Of The Professionals

The service providers carry a team of brand creators, marketers, analysts, sales consultants, customer support, and operations staff for assisting the sellers with the management and setup of their business. They thoroughly analyze and investigate the products before adding them to the store. 

Access To Tricks And Techniques Needed For Success

When investing in an automation business, it’s recommended to seek a qualified and experienced professional’s support. The professionals are well aware of the tricks and techniques to make a Walmart store thrive. 

Before you sign a contract with a particular Walmart automation company, make sure to discuss everything with them, including commission, services offered by them, among others. Schedule a free consultation to discuss investment potential, prices, and the process of partnering with them.


There’s relatively less competition at the automated Walmart marketplace, which means sellers have more opportunities to make sizable sales. Moreover, you’ll have access to a broad customer base.  

Connect with a Walmart marketplace solution provider to speed up the entire process and increase your chances of success, but only after you’ve thoroughly scanned the company for reliability and authenticity.

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