Beginner’s Guide To YouTube Automation

If you own a Youtube channel, you probably are aware of how challenging it can be to manage your channel and make it successful. You will have to spend endless hours shooting, editing, and promoting your videos to improve the reach and engagement of your channel; it can get the best of you. 

Hands down, it is a lot of work, but you certainly cannot grow your channel until you create genuinely impressive and entertaining videos. 

While you will have to invest most of your time into drafting the scripts and making the videos, you can save a considerable amount of time by integrating Youtube automation tools. These tools help automate and streamline creating, publishing, and even promoting your videos.

Does YouTube Automation entice you? This ultimate YouTube automation guide will give you the much-needed knowledge and tips to go about automating your YouTube channel successfully.

What Is YouTube Automation?

Youtube automation is the process of automatizing various mundane tasks associated with the management, optimization, and customization of your Youtube channel. Primarily, it involves using machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to explore the best ways to help you grow your channel.

They are usually paid third-party services that provide specific tools to increase engagement and retention for a channel. Simply put, it is a way to put your channel on autopilot. 

Youtube automation helps you increase likes, subscribers, comments and even integrates with other social media or multiple channels to trigger your channel’s growth. It is also a great way to replace the hard work and numerous hours of effort required to grow a Youtube channel.  

Youtube has become a very competitive space, with increasing channels being added every day. So, creators now need to create unique content to keep their audience engaged and entertained. 

Moreover, coming up with a new video concept is a rigorous task and requires time. And by automating the channel management and optimization processes, you can quickly get yourself the much-needed time and peace of mind to come up with a script for your next viral video.

How Does YouTube Automation Work?

Youtube automation tools are usually third-party virtual vendors of various services that automate video and channel management. It eliminates the need to look after and manage your channel yourself. 

Moreover, it can all be done for a relatively cheaper price tag that usually comes in packages for you to choose from. Also, the tools are user-friendly and suitable for channels of all sizes. 

Every automation tool works on an algorithm that is unique to itself. The tools analyze your content and its related keywords. It then finds relatable videos to like and comment on. It uses real profiles to play your videos on loop, reply, like and comment on comments posted on your page. 

All these activities on your channel or a particular video increase engagement with your channel. It also gives your channel the required boost to move up in search engine results.

Your channel will rake in more organic views, likes, and comments. The process is simple and hassle-free. It does not require your attention once you have provided all the details about your channel or the video you want to promote. 

6 Reasons Why You Should Automate Your YouTube Channel

As mentioned earlier, Youtube automation tools allow a creator to leave their channel on autopilot. You can schedule all your videos and content for the rest of the week at once and forget about it. 

The tools will then do all the work – acquire new subscribers, provide automated replies to all comments, direct traffic to your videos, among others. 

Here are six potent reasons for you to automate your Youtube channel:

Get More Views 

Automation tools carve out real user profiles from diverse backgrounds and different parts of the world to show your video to and get them to like and comment on it. It makes it seem like the views are genuine, from real accounts and not the bots. Consequently, your channel will receive organic engagement and growth, automatically generating more views. 

Lead Generation

If you have a business and want to grow it using Youtube, automation tools can help. They will help you reach a larger audience in a short amount of time, helping you take a new pool of audiences that were unavailable earlier and turn them into business leads. The leads will then contact you via the details provided under your video. 

Identify Keywords

The automation tools have unique and complex algorithms that help you identify the correct keywords. As a result, your videos perform well on search results pages and reach a wider audience.

The algorithm studies the content on your channel. It then suggests keywords, titles, tags, and headlines derived from the top-performing videos in your niche that help you optimize the video for better performance. 

Zeroing in on the right keywords is crucial since they help the search engine categorize your content correctly. This will increase the chances of your channel showing up when someone searches for anything relevant to your content. 

Get Performance Reviews

Some YouTube automation tools like vidIQ provide real-time insights about the performance of each video you post and your entire channel. You also have the liberty to check the performance of your channel or one or more of your videos for a specific period, say from 1/1/2021 to 30/12/2021.

Integrating such automation tools lets you monitor your channel’s current performance and compare it with previous performances. It will help you understand if your current strategies and content are yielding the desired results or if they need some tweaking.

Save Time And Money

Be it YouTube or any other platform; automation seeks to reduce your burden of performing various tasks with the help of a tool that does the job for you. 

Using YouTube automation tools can help you save a significant amount of time and money by automating various tasks related to posting a video, optimizing the channel, monitoring performances, and other such tasks essential for your channel’s growth. 

Tracking And Monitoring

YouTube automation tools allow you to keep track of all behaviors that contribute to conversions, such as how long people watch a video, what they click after watching it, and where they spend most of their time on each page.

YouTube automation tools also provide data that can be used to analyze and evaluate your channel’s success. This information will also assist you in determining where you fall short of others.

Can You Make Money With YouTube Automation?

YouTube certainly has to earn possibilities. And with exemplary efforts in the right direction, you can earn handsome amounts from YouTube by monetizing your channel. 

That said, you can easily cut short the waiting time for monetizing your channel and enhance the earning threshold by using YouTube automation tools. 

Since automation involves boosting your videos’ reach and fetching genuine organic views, likes, and comments on your video, it is possible to make more money with YouTube automation than without. 

Are YouTube Automation Tools Ethical and Legal?

YouTube automation is completely legal and ethical. In fact, few automation tools are YouTube certified. Most tools are set up to comply with the standards and guidelines set by YouTube. They do not infringe any of YouTube’s policies, making them perfectly safe to use. So, you never have to worry about getting your channel blacklisted for using an automation tool. But it is pertinent to mention here that you have to take accountability for the service’s content.

How Much Does Youtube Automation Cost?

Implementing YouTube automation into your YouTube channel is, in most cases, a costly investment. Youtube automation services start at roughly $1000, but depending on your needs and the quality of the service, the price can be much higher – that’s a substantial chunk of money. However, it’s worth mentioning that you may make 10 times that amount in a month, making it a fantastic bargain.

There’s also a good possibility that cheap YouTube automation services will lure you, but don’t be tricked by those. Conduct thorough research before hiring a YouTube automation service to ensure that you receive the best results for the price you pay.

What Are High CPM YouTube Niches?

There are infinite niches you can choose to create videos on YouTube, but not all of them tag along with high revenue. For Youtube, a CPM up to $18 is considered above par. Only niches like eCommerce, real estate, stock market, finance, loans and mortgage, lawyers and legal advice, web hosting software, how-to videos will offer such high CPMs for the long term.


YouTube has gained immense popularity credit to its ability to reach a global audience and churn in handsome passive income. This has motivated many to start a YouTube channel. 

However, growing a YouTube channel and creating a passive income from it can be very demanding, and this is where Youtube automation tools come into the picture. 

We hope the above beginner’s guide to YouTube automation has given you the required clarity on what YouTube automation is and its potential, dangers, legality, etc. All the best!

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