5 Powerful Walmart Automation Integration Every Seller Needs To Check Out

Automating your store is the easiest way to generate sales without slogging for hours. However, many business owners do not like the idea of handing over major business processes to another agency in the name of automation. 

So how can you automate significant parts of your Walmart store without inviting another company into your business? We recommend using Walmart integrations.

These integrations help you connect your Walmart store with third-party automation tools. Instead of allowing another person to handle your business, use automation tools to remain in control.

This guide will educate you on the 5 most potent Walmart automation integrations that every seller needs to check out.

Top 5 Walmart Integrations To Run a Successful Automated Business

Since running an online business consists of multiple departments and business processes, we have selected the best-in-class automation tools for each category.

Let’s take a look:

Marketing Automation Tools

1. Api2cart

Api2cart primarily focuses on automating your email marketing process for your Walmart store. Whether you simply want to use it for maintaining customer relationships or marketing campaigns is up to you.

How Api2cart Helps You Automate Your Walmart Store:
  • Automatically notify all your customers about the latest products and discounts through email
  • Spot regular customers and order histories with its smart filter tools to target your audience better
  • Notify your customers about their order status to build a healthy relationship with them

Api2cart also has an outstanding customer support department and a 30-day trial to help you experience the kind of service you can expect from them.

2. Teikametrics

Teikametrics is an ad management software that you can use for regular advertisements on Walmart or special campaigns before an event to boost your sales. 

Its goal-based artificial intelligence algorithm will help you soar past your competition with strategically planned optimized advertisements.

How Teikametrics Helps You Automate Your Walmart Store:
  • It has a team of experienced account managers with impeccable knowledge of the eCommerce industry. They help you create the best ads for your Walmart store that are bound to succeed. 
  • A predesigned playbook for crafting successful ads. Its ideas and strategies have proven efficient time and again.  
  • Starting from customer acquisition to PPC management, keyword research, and performance analysis, Teikametrics offers an end-to-end advertisement management service.

Dropshipping Automation Tool

1. Ecomdash

A major part of running an online store on Walmart is selecting a list of trending and relevant products that have the potential to sell. 

If you dropship through Walmart, you need an automation partner to help you select the right suppliers, source out the products from them, and track the transit — Ecomdash provides all of the services at an unbelievably affordable rate. 

How Ecomdash Helps You Automate Walmart Store:
  • Once the supplier ships your product, Ecomdash will automatically track the shipping process and keep you notified. 
  • Direct your new customer orders to your supplier without having to log in to your Walmart seller dashboard
  • Automatically update Walmart inventory based on recent orders and stock.

You can list products in any variation and categorize them according to their color and size. The best part is, Ecomdash is free to use. You do not have to pay anything to use the automation platform, even if you want to add countless suppliers or integrate other tools with it. 

2. Inventory Source

Inventory Source allows you to automate your dropshipping process by helping you auto-upload your product listings and manage your inventory with more than 25 online store platforms. 

How Inventory Source Helps You Automate Walmart Store:
  • Source your products from a large network of 230+ suppliers 
  • Automatically upload the product information and images and integrate your stock level from your Inventory Source dashboard.
  • Whether you want to source the products, price them or categorize them, Inventory Source helps you automate every dropshipping process

Accounting Automation

1. Webgility

Accounting is a comprehensive business process that experts in the field can only handle. After all, the course of your business depends on the revenue generated. Surely, this responsibility cannot be handed over to amateur hands. 

Instead of hopping from one software to another to manage your accounts, integrate your Walmart dashboard with Webgility to easily manage your total revenue, sales tax, profit, fees, and other financial matters.

How Webgility Helps You Automate Walmart Store:
  • It automatically updates your price across multiple sales channels to ensure that you never oversell
  • Whether it’s your product price, tax returns, or profit margin, Webgility is 100% efficient and accurate when it comes to accounting.
  • Scale your business with detailed performance insights. Understand the profitability of each product category and price accordingly. 

With more than 5000 satisfied customers, Webgility has successfully replaced tedious spreadsheets with a smart way of keeping track of your accounts.

2. Taxjar

Filing taxes can be challenging, especially if you do not come from an accounting background. It’s also highly prone to mistakes, so it’s best to automate the process with a reliable service provider like Taxjar. This tool is exclusively designed to help you pay the seller taxes for your income generated on Walmart. 

How Taxjar Helps You Automate Walmart Store:
  • It’s easy to integrate your Walmart account with Taxjar. Once the two software is connected, Taxjar will regularly import your transactions from Walmart. 
  • Once your tax calculation is certain, Taxjar will automatically file your tax as well. 
  • The platform will also notify you about your expected sales tax due date.
  • You only need to integrate the two software once and wash your hands clean of your accounting responsibilities forever.

Moreover, it also offers a free 30-day trial, so you can get a glimpse of what you are investing in before you commit.

Inventory Management Automation

1. Flxpoint

Keeping track of your inventory all by yourself can be a challenging responsibility. However, with Flxpoint, you can automate stocking a new product, tracking your current stock level, and reordering the next batch at the right time.

How Flxpoint Helps You Automate Your Walmart Store:
  • Connect all your vendors and suppliers directly to your Walmart store through Flxpoint
  • It automatically directs your products to the best warehouse based on proximity and cost-efficiency
  • It helps you automatically clear invoices for product purchase and identifies the bestselling products

With your Walmart store, you can also use Flxpoint to integrate with various other eCommerce channels like Amazon, Magento, Woocommerce, Shopify, etc.

2. Seller Active

If you start manually updating your inventory every time you restock your products or make a sale, it will take forever to manage your products. That’s why we recommend using an inventory management automation tool like Seller Active.

How Seller Active Helps You Automate Your Walmart Store:
  • It helps you easily create and manage listings on Walmart as well as all other eCommerce channels you are selling on
  • It prevents you from overselling or overstocking your products by setting thresholds
  • With its auto repricing feature, you can maximize your profit margin and revenue

Order Fulfillment Automation

1. ShippingEasy

Automate order shipment with ShippingEasy! It’s a powerful order fulfillment automation tool that helps you cater to orders from multiple eCommerce channels and maintain a healthy relationship with your clients through email automation.

How ShippingEasy Helps You Automate Your Walmart Store:
  • Regardless of your selling channel, you can import all your orders in your ShippingEasy dashboard and automate the order fulfillment process
  • The tool has an award-winning customer support department that helps you throughout the process
  • You get access to exclusive Flat Rate Green Cubic rates for heavier packages and USPS commercial shipments to maximize your savings on shipments

2. Deliverr

Amazon Prime services have made customers accustomed to fast deliveries. Hence if you want to beat Amazon sellers with an equally fast shipment, opt for Deliverr. 

Once you integrate your Walmart account with Deliverr, you will automatically get the 2-day delivery batch on your product listing. This will give your customers an extra reason to shop with you. 

In fact, Deliverr itself claims that its customers have noticed a growth of 500% after displaying the 2-day delivery badge on their products.

How Deliverr Helps You Automate Your Walmart Store:
  • The 2-day delivery badge is pre-approved for every seller, and you don’t have to worry about waiting to avail of this privilege. 
  • Deliverr is a reliable order fulfillment partner. Products shipped through this tool are bound to be safe and delivered on time.
  • It has a transparent pricing feature that includes all the costs involved in the fulfillment process. 

If you want better control your shipment expenses, you can also use Deliverr’s cost calculator to get an estimated budget in advance. 

Final Thoughts

Indeed running a physical is an uphill task, but managing an online business can be equally arduous. If you are a one-person show or managing the store with a small team, it’s best to hand over processes like inventory management and accounting to an automation tool.  

Since most of the processes are repetitive with little scope of customizability, you should let the tools and software take care of it while you focus on other creative processes.

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