5 Best Tools For Walmart Automation

Managing your Walmart store manually can limit your future growth prospects. If you have to dedicate all your working hours to one business, there will be hardly any scope left for you to branch out to new business ventures. However, if you automate a few major business processes, you can certainly accommodate many new Walmart stores in your schedule and multiply your annual revenue.

If you are planning to step into Walmart automation, you will need a list of the best automation tools to keep your business safe and successful. With extensive research and a series of software testing, we have prepared a list of the top five automation tools that work best with Walmart, so read until the end.

How Can You Pick the Best Automation Tool for Your Walmart Store

Before you set out to select an automation tool for your Walmart business, make sure you know the criteria that should be checked.

Here are six things you must check in a prospective Walmart tool before locking in the purchase:

1. Self-driven

The entire point of having an automation tool is to hand over your responsibilities so that you get enough time to focus on other projects. However, if your automation tools require your assistance and command at every step, it defeats the process.

Hence, when looking for an automation tool for Walmart, make sure it is intuitive, responsive, and self-driven. Once you set it up and configure the functioning, it should run on its own for as long as it can, without requiring frequent supervision from your end.

2. Responsive Support System

Once you assign the responsibilities of your Walmart store to an automation tool, you become dependent on them. These tools become your team members, and just like your employees, you cannot afford to lose them all of a sudden. 

Since technical entities are prone to technical complications, make sure your chosen software has an excellent customer support department.  

In the event of your tool malfunctioning, the customer support department will get it back to full health as soon as possible without you having to suffer a loss in your business, or at least not a significant one.

3. Cost-effective

The number one reason why a lot of people opt for tools instead of hiring an employee is that it’s comparatively cost-effective. We all know that regardless of the efficiency a tool brings to the table, it still lacks the presence of mind, adaptability, and ideation capacity of a human being.

Hence, make sure whatever you invest in running the tool is less than what you would have invested in hiring a new employee. If the tool does not look like having a great ROI, it’d be better to go for other options.

4. Integration 

Ecommerce stores come with a lot of responsibilities, and often, one tool can’t meet all of them. You might have to integrate two or more tools to form a powerful automated workflow. Look for tools that are not limited by their integration capacity.

The higher the number of integration a tool offers, the better it is. Even if the tool you have selected does not have a native integration system, make sure it at least connects to software like Zapier that will act as a bridge between additional software and the tool to be integrated.

5. Team Management

If you have a colossal Walmart store, keeping an eye on all the automated tools isn’t a one-person job. That’s why a lot of automation tools offer team management and communication features, meaning all your team members can together access the software, make changes, manage the process, and communicate with each other within the platform. 

6. Reporting and Analytics

When you have an employee assigned to certain business responsibilities, you can evaluate their performance from their work. But how do you evaluate the efficiency of an automation tool?

That’s why we recommend opting for automation tools that come with detailed analytics and reporting features. These reports should give you a clear insight into how well the automated business process is performing and the areas that require improvement. After all, a business that doesn’t upgrade itself will eventually stagnate and fail.

5 Best Automation Tools for Walmart 

Here is a list of the best automation tools that can boost your business at Walmart:

1. Zentail

Listing your products on Walmart manually can be a hectic task. That said, a successful business must have a substantial number of products with multiple options in terms of color and sizes to choose from. Instead of wasting your time manually updating your products, use Zentail’s automated service.

Zentail does not only help you save time on your product listings but also improves the quality of those listings and increases your chances of making a sale. 

Here is how Zentail can help you with Walmart automation:

  • Effortless integration of your Walmart store and product list
  • It makes substantially fewer listing errors than a person would
  • Use this AI integration to stay ahead of your competitors even amidst major technical changes in Walmart 

The tool also helps track your sales performance, manages product pricing, and benefits you by reducing the commission rates.

Using its smart type feature, you can auto-format and categorize your products. Known for its user-friendly interface, 100% real automation, and outstanding customer support, Zentail is unmissable as far as automating a Walmart store is concerned.

2. Helium 10

Even before you worry about listing your products, your first concern should be to find the best products in your niche that are guaranteed to sell.

Researching the right products for your store can be an exhausting process. Before ordering a batch, you have to consider the current customer demand, latest trends, upcoming events, seasonality, and the target audience’s financial status.

Here is how Helium 10 can help you automate your Walmart store:

  • Search profitable products from a huge database of over 450 million items
  • Check a product’s recent popularity and season ability 
  • Get transparent information about a product, including sales trends and price 
  • Use its profitability calculator to pick only the highest ROI products

You can also use this tool to research the keywords for your product listing service to help you rank higher and attract a larger chunk of customers.

3. ShipStation

If you are looking for a reliable shipping and order fulfillment automation tool that also helps you with bulk orders and Walmart shipment labels, ShipStation might just be the one.

Use this tool to seamlessly import your customer orders into your ShipStation dashboard, bulk-ship products, and send quick deliveries. To get started, you will have to be verified by Walmart and provide your seller account’s Client ID and Client Secret details to proceed. 

With over 100,000 happy customers, ShipStation has made order fulfillment a breeze. For extra security, it sends an order tracker to the customer as well as the selling channel once the order is shipped. 

4. BazaarVoice

Product reviews are an important growth tool for online stores like Walmart. When customers cannot physically examine the product, they tend to rely on reviews to make a choice. 

Also, products with higher numbers of reviews tend to rank higher on Walmart search engines than the ones with fewer reviews. If you are looking for a way to generate authentic reviews without stepping over any of Walmart’s policies, check out Bazaarvoice.

Here is how BazaarVoice helps you automate your Walmart store:

  • Whether you have a physical or online store, BazaarVoice will help you connect to customers interested in your products
  • Gain insightful reviews from genuine customers by simply sending them a free sample of your product 
  • Respond to the questions, clear queries, and build valuable customer relationships from a network of 1 billion consumers.

5. Informed.co

With over 100,000 sellers on Walmart, the competition is more cutthroat than ever. If you want to stand out and make a sale, your product prices should be at par, if not better, with your competitors.

A repricing tool like Informed.co will help you take factors like competitor prices, demand, and other situational circumstances into consideration to offer the best prices to your customers without sacrificing your profit margin.

The company claims that its customers have noticed a 63% increase in their buy box purchases within the first two weeks of using the tool. Since their automation tool works 24×7 throughout the year, your product prices will always be optimized the best way they can.

Available across 14 marketplaces, Informed.co offers a free 14-day trial to help you get acquainted with the tool. 

Final Thoughts

Automation is not just about using a tool to help you with your business. You are essentially handing over major business processes to software that will act on your behalf. You must choose only from the best of the lot. 

The automation tools listed above are not only feature-rich but also widely loved by their customers. Choose the ones that work best for your store and maximize your business revenue. All the best!

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