11 Tips And Tricks For Dropshippers

Dropshipping is undoubtedly one of the lucrative business ideas for novice online store entrepreneurs, primarily because dropship stores are simple to set up, low-cost, highly automated, and low-risk. While opening a new dropshipping store is an exciting prospect, it can also be intimidating, especially if you’re new to the concept and don’t know all of the tiny tidbits of dropshipping. 

In this article, we’ll explore several dropshipping tips and tricks to help you take your dropshipping store to the next level, maximize revenues, and enhance conversions, so read until the end.

11 Tips And Tricks For Dropshippers

Here is a list of 11 dropshipping tips that every entrepreneur should be aware of before diving into the world of dropshipping:

#1 Find Suitable Suppliers

A successful dropshipping business depends on the suppliers you work with. They are the ones that complete orders on your behalf, and your brand’s reputation and image are entirely reliant on them delivering high-quality, well-packaged goods on time. 

If you don’t do a good job at this, you’ll frequently be notifying clients that their order is out of stock, which isn’t a great way to lure customers and brand followers. Your suppliers are your most crucial business partners, so take your time, do your research, and locate the ideal ones for your business.

Also, consider approaching multiple suppliers. Limiting oneself to a single vendor can result in long-term issues. Your best-selling product may be discontinued or sold out suddenly by that supplier. Having different suppliers will give you a more extensive assortment of products to choose from.

#2 Choose the Right eCommerce Platform

Choosing the right dropshipping platform is critical to your company’s success. You can either self-host a store (create a website from scratch) or start a store on a well-known dropshipping marketplace or platform. 

Many eCommerce platforms are available to you, each with a comparable set of features and capabilities. If you stick to your guns, you’ll be able to discover an eCommerce platform that meets all of your requirements. 

A decent eCommerce platform should have the following features:

Ease of Setting up Shop

The majority of dropshipping platforms will guide you through the setup process and assist you at every step. Examine whether your dropshipping platform handles all back-end operations and allows you to select and add a domain name.

Payment Processing

Your dropshipping platform should assist you in keeping track of customer payments and inform you when your customers pay you. Most dropshipping platforms include these details on the dashboard.

Managing Multiple Vendors

If you have different suppliers, you’ll need a platform that allows you to handle them all. The dropshipping platform you use should let you efficiently run multiple providers while also streamlining the order fulfillment process.

#3 Be Picky 

Not all products are suitable for a dropshipping store. You should look into your passions, analyze industry trends, and consider your target audience while choosing a niche. Next, you’ll need to assess and analyze demand, competition, and the market to discover where you might fit in. 

The good news is that there are various online tools available to assist you in determining the demand for a product or market to identify a successful niche. Look at Facebook Audience Insights, SEMRush, Google Trends, and Trend Hunter for ideas.

#4 Optimize Your Online Store

You must drive traffic to your website to build a successful dropshipping business. And once customers get on your site, it must be able to persuade them to make a purchase. 

Try these methods to optimize your eCommerce site for maximum traffic and sales:

Optimizing for SEO

To boost your rating in search engine results, make sure your site is SEO-friendly.

Creating a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page 

Add a FAQ page to your website to address customer concerns and accelerate the purchasing process.

Creating Useful Content

Write informative blog posts to attract visitors to your site and advertise your items.

Multiple Payment Choices

Make sure your site offers various payment methods to avoid missing out on any sales.

Automate your Website

Choose an eCommerce platform that integrates email marketing solutions and social media scheduling tools to automate activities, so you may focus on more vital tasks.

#5 Create the Best Offers

Offers and discounts drive people online, and if you want to make a name for yourself in the eCommerce world, you should do the same. Promotions, ranging from bundle offers to VIP sign-up discounts, can help improve your marketing ROI and give customers an added incentive to spend on your site. 

Bundling is when you put together a bunch of related products and charge a lower price than you would for all those items put together individually.

#6 Provide Excellent Customer Support

Customer service is critical for separating yourself from competitors. And, since you won’t be able to manage shipment, you’ll need a plan and a team in place to keep consumers informed and satisfied if something goes wrong — even if it’s your vendor’s fault, customers will expect you to make things right. 

How do you do it?

Be genuine with your product descriptions and images. 

Include all of the necessary information, such as sizing charts, dimensions, and ingredients, for individuals to make a purchase. Have clear pictures from several angles, with the scale shown if necessary.

Offer Assistance via Different Channels

People choose to connect in various ways. Consider using live chat, phone, social media, email, and forums as communication channels.

When Things Go Wrong, Fix Them

Take full responsibility if something goes wrong, such as a broken item or a late package, even if it wasn’t your fault. This can help you retain a customer for life while maintaining your reputation.

Have a Clear Policy on Returns and Refunds

Have clear and prominently displayed policies on your footer, checkout page, and order confirmation emails.

#7 Avoid Underpricing Your Products

Consider the money you shell out for goods, marketing, miscellaneous business expenses, as well as the possibility of recruiting a team before deciding the price. Even if it’s tempting, don’t lower your price just because your competitors do it.

You will find customers if you offer high-quality products at a reasonable price consistent with market value. Customers will gladly pay an extra buck for quick customer care, hassle-free returns and refund policy, personalized packaging, and more.

Ensure that your eCommerce platform includes marketing features such as upsell and cross-sell recommendations. Don’t cut corners on quality to boost your profit margins; it won’t help you in the long term. To make more money from each order, increase the average order value.

#8 Mind Holidays 

The holiday season can be a boon to your business if you plan ahead of time. Although you may think of Black Friday as a sales extravaganza for brick-and-mortar stores, the shopping frenzy has gone online in recent years. 

In 2020, eCommerce sales on Black Friday outstripped overall in-store purchases. With this shopping holiday increasingly becoming an eCommerce game, make sure you use these Black Friday ideas to get your shop off the bench.

#9 Keep an Eye on the Competition

Competition is always beneficial. It demonstrates that a niche is profitable, puts all niche marketers on their toes, and continually encourages everyone to push the limits. When starting a new business, keep an eye on your present and potential competitors for new ideas, as well as their advertisement and social media tactics.

Keeping tabs on your competitors’ online profiles will help you determine what works in your area and engages people. The ratings and reviews they receive are a good sign of their weaknesses, and you can fill the gaps left by them to command authority in the industry. Following your competitors will help you develop future product ideas, branding, positioning, and pricing strategies.

#10 Epacket for Shipping 

Shipping from another country can take a considerable time, which isn’t ideal for your consumers. By choosing vendors who use ePacket, you will be able to get your goods into your customers’ hands faster and at a lower cost. 

For most products, ePacket shipping costs less than $5, enabling you to rake in profits when selling things at market value. Moreover, it will please your consumers, which will be reflected in your reviews.

#11 Spruce Up your Website 

First impressions matter, and a visually appealing store will significantly increase the number of online orders you get. The quantity of impulse purchases determines the success of a dropshipping business; thus, your goal is to enchant your visitors and win their hearts in a split second. 

Look for inspiration from other successful online stores in your niche, join eCommerce-friendly Facebook groups for advice, and make sure your store is geared for conversions. One such way is adding badges. Adding trust badges to your site or checkout can improve your brand image and gain the trust you need to generate sales as a newer entrepreneur.


Dropshipping can work wonders for you if done correctly with dedication and effort. Once you’ve decided on a niche and started your business, put in the regular effort and persevere with your close buddies. Use the tips mentioned above to skyrocket your dropshipping site and turn a hobby into a full-fledged business.

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