10 Best Ecommerce Marketing Automation Tools

Most businesses today are striving to become successful online storefronts. eCommerce is the way to go, but while the technology has advanced, you still have to pour in a lot of time and effort into completing and managing the tasks essential for your online store’s success.

Perhaps this is why more prominent enterprises are now looking to automate their online businesses. But does this mean that smaller businesses will be left out? Not at all!

This article will spill some of the best eCommerce marketing automation tools that can help you skyrocket your business, so read until the end. 

What Are Ecommerce Automation Tools?

Ecommerce automation tools are software or services that help you automate various business tasks that would otherwise ask for a lot of your time and effort. It helps you automate your business’s repetitive tasks like sending mass emails, running automated targeted ads, helping you find targeted keywords, SEO optimization, and much more. 

The automation tools primarily use Machine Learning (ML) or Artificial Intelligence (AI) to read statistics and consumer behavior to tweak the ad campaigns and give you real-time updates. 

It also helps you understand your products’ sales performance by analyzing the revenues and general consumer behavior for that product, leaving no room for any guesswork. 

A standout feature of automation tools is that they reduce the time and effort required to complete all the tasks assigned to them, giving you more time to get creative and think of a new product or expansion scheme. 

10 Best Ecommerce Marketing Automation Tools

Here are 10 tools you should look at closely before you jump the gun and choose a marketing automation tool for your business:


You’d agree that customer service is one of the most important parts of sales. Verloop.io understands that and helps you provide the best customer service with proactive communication, demo scheduling, automated FAQs, and much more. 

It provides real-time feedback on its interactive dashboard, which can be accessed 24×7. It also provides multi-language and live-chat support. Plus, there are various pricing plans designed to cater to small businesses and corporate institutions separately.


HubSpot is one of the most popular eCommerce marketing tools for all the right reasons. It allows you to automate email marketing and takes care of your social media management, content management, and much more, and all this from a single platform. 

HubSpot automates your entire marketing strategy and reduces the time required by half. Its best features include creating landing pages, helping nurture abandoned carts, email and upsell campaigns, etc. And just like Verloop.io, HubSpot too has various pricing plans to help all kinds of businesses. 


Dotdigital, formerly known as Dotmailer, has been around since 1999. It wouldn’t be wrong to call it a pioneer in automating email marketing campaigns; it has been used by numerous businesses across 150 countries to automate their email marketing efforts. 

Dotdigital is an easy-to-use platform with features like a creative studio, training, campaign management, strategic services, and much more. The packages can range from $150 to $600 per month, and the tool boasts a considerable user base. 


Ecommerce accounting can become hectic irrespective of whether you sell on one or multiple platforms; Quickbooks can help you here. It is automated accounting software that allows you to create invoices, reports, check sales, and track your costs. 

You’ll also appreciate that you can integrate Quickbooks with multiple platforms, which allows you to perform all accounting tasks in one interactive dashboard. 

Note that this tool is best suited for small to medium-sized enterprises. The pricing range can vary from $16 to $34 per month, making it affordable for even a small-scale business. 


Oberlo is one of the most renowned automation tools, especially for dropshipping eCommerce business owners. The platform has multiple features that range from automatically importing product images and information from other websites to your website, one-click customer information transfer to suppliers, and automated shipping. 

It also has a very intuitive and visually appealing website that houses several courses on dropshipping businesses to help you learn and earn. Moreover, it has a free starter plan with up to 50 orders a month. 


Social media is the easiest and perhaps the most inexpensive way to market your products. Buffer helps you manage your social media content postings by scheduling them simultaneously. You can also use the platform for free for up to 10 social media posts. 

Note that you can either use all the ten free posts on a single day or one each for ten consecutive days. You just need to schedule them on individual dates and times; the platform will do the rest. 

Buffer also shows real-time analytics and your top-performing posts, helping you tweak your marketing as and when required, and that too, without having to go through each of them. 

Oracle Bronto

Oracle Bronto is another social media and email marketing tool used by rapidly growing eCommerce businesses. The tool specializes in recovering abandoned carts and creating highly targeted social media and email marketing campaigns. 

Its best features include a drag and drop feature, VIP and loyalty programs, cart abandonment reminders, and much more. Moreover, the platform also has a free demo and various packages to choose from as per your business requirements. 


Along with sales and incoming orders, keeping track of inventory can also be a hassle. However, this can be solved with Contalog, which is a powerful order and inventory management tool. 

Contalog can, to some extent, process the orders for you and use innovative technology to predict inventory levels required for fulfilling all your orders, making it one of the best inventory management tools. 


If you are looking to automate various fronts of your eCommerce platform and do not want to use multiple platforms for the range of tasks, InfusionSoft can be just what you need. 

The platform can integrate with more than 200 online stores and tools. It has accurate time analytics, performance reports, sales, marketing automation, CRM, and credit card information processing. 

If you are a beginner, they have template campaigns that can help you further automate the process. Moreover, the API is developer-friendly and can be extended to integrate third-party applications and tools. 


Jumplead is best-suited for lead generation as it targets users with the sole purpose of transforming them into leads; it selects users from landing pages and grows your clientele using email automation. 

Jumplead also has a live chat and email campaign features. And its pricing ranges from $49 to $199 a month. That said, you are free to conduct lead management and reply to your potential customers yourself for a more personal touch. 

How to Choose the Right Ecommerce Marketing Automation Tools?

Choosing the right eCommerce automation tools for your business is critical to its success and growth. However, it may be difficult to zero in on one, given the plethora of options out there. 

Here’s a short checklist of sorts to help you choose the right eCommerce marketing automation tool/s for your business:

User Interface

A lot of tools claim to have the best interface that is user-friendly and accessible, but not all are true. You should have enough evidence regarding a particular tool’s interface and navigation, such that you are comfortable purchasing and using it. 

Customer Support

Choose tools with good customer service to make your life easier should you run into an issue using the platform. Also, marketing tools can often be a tad technical, so make sure you choose a tool that provides excellent post-service support. 

Learning Resources

Understanding how automation tools work can take some time, even for people who have used them before. Technology is constantly evolving, and it pays to have clear guidelines on how to use a tool and integrate them into your business successfully.

Many platforms provide learning resources, for instance, the HubSpot Academy and Oberlo.

UserBase and Reviews

An apt filter to find out the best automation tools is to zero in on those with a considerable user base and genuine reviews to prove their authenticity. 

You can also look for reviews and answers on platforms like Quora and Reddit. This will give you clarity regarding both the strengths and weaknesses of the platform. 


Pricing is one of the topmost, if not the topmost, considerations when looking for an automation tool, or any product for that matter — conduct thorough research to understand which tools best suit your requirements and budget. 

Also, most platforms offer multiple differently-priced packages to choose from, so make sure to look at enough options before making a decision and avoid overspending.


Ecommerce today is a very data-driven and customer-centric business. It’s highly segmented, making it pertinent to leverage automation’s benefits for your business’s growth – easier said than done!

Use eCommerce marketing automation tools to improve your efficiency in targeting your customers, manage everything in a timely and hassle-free manner, and provide your customers an enhanced experience with your company. 

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